VIDEO: Would You Pay More to Remove Ads From Hulu?


The rumor going around is that Hulu is going to offer a new, ad-free tier of service. The catch: It might cost $12 to $14 a month!

In this short video, our experts debate if paying a premium for Hulu is worth it.

What about you, readers? Would you pay twice as much to remove ads from Hulu? Do you even use Hulu at all, or do you prefer Amazon or Netflix for your entertainment needs? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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I most likely will keep Hulu Plus as they have some shows on it that neither Prime or Netflix offers. I can live with the ads as long as they don't increase their price there. It sure beats the cable TV that I have dropped over a year ago and do not plan to go back to. All of the local channels are received by an antenna on my roof and the quality of the signal is better than the cable.
I tried hulu.
The list of shows offered were Exactly the shows I went out of my way to AVOID when they originally Aired!
I mean the ENTIRE list of shows!
I only get one commerical that's shortevery 15 minutes.It gives me a break so I can go to the washroom or get a snack. I really don't want to pay double for ad free.
Anthony S Jennings
Hulu serves up fewer ads on Apple TV than on the desktop website. And during commercial breaks on Apple TV I can't recall seeing more than 2 ads per break. They don't serve up ads during Criterion Collection films.
My wife and I are cord-cutters - we used to pay about $60/mo for the step above basic cable, then cut down to Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime (more for shipping, less for Prime Instant Video). We honestly don't mind the adds on Hulu Plus, since we hardly watch over-the-air TV, and the only thing I really feel we're missing out on is Game of Thrones (yes, yes, a travesty, I'm banished from the land...) and current AMC episodes. I'm totally content with waiting for these to show up on Netflix, if it means spending half of what we were spending before! We may even get an HBO Go/Now subscription to binge-watch shows, then cancel when we're done!
No, I wouldn't. I don't think Hulu provides enough value for that kind of fee. I honestly don't see how anyone pays for Hulu right now when you consider they show ads. You're paying to see ads? I don't get it....
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@Al-in-SoCal From what I recall, Netflix was considering ads for their own shows, right? Kind of like HBO already does?
Yes - an added PLUS is that this would pressure Netflix into *NOT* resorting to ads as they are apparently planning on doing.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
I might try it and see if I end up using Hulu more without the ads. I pay for Plus now, and I like having it, but the ads annoy me; I don't mind seeing them necessarily, but I hate that I can't skip around in an episode very easily.
I would cut the cord in a heart beat for $12-14 a month ad free! I would pay up to 20 bucks ad free.