VIDEO: When Will Wireless Charging Catch On? And Do You Even Care?

For years, we've been promised wireless charging of our portable devices. A new standard may get us closer than ever ... but not close enough.

For years, people have been saying that wireless power is the wave of the device-charging future, yet it remains a boutique charging method, far outside of the mainstream. Well, this week, we heard news that two of the three biggest wireless consortia are joining forces to make sure that their wireless technologies work together.

In this brief — yet lively — video, our experts discuss how important wireless charging is and whether or not it's the lack of a standard that's keeping it from gaining popularity.

What about you, readers? How important is wireless power to you? Is the lack of a standard what's keeping it from gaining popularity? Tell us in the comments below!

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I had the Palm Pre a while back and had Touchstones all over the place. It was awesome to just drop it and let it charge. Also used it as a clock/alarm dock.

I wish they did this for other devices just as an option.
I hate cords. I also want to get a Flemish Giant, so having as little cords as possible around would be lovely. Those Flemish Giants are so cute!
I have a Google Nexus 4. I never bought the Google-branded wireless charger because it was $60 to do something that the included charger did just fine. I couldn't justify spending $60 for the smidgen of additional convenience and less wear and tear on the port.

There's now a wide selection of third-party wireless chargers from other vendors, but they're mostly brands I've never heard of and so inexpensive that I've got to wonder about their quality. I don't want to risk burning down my house.
wireless charging of my phone is a feature that is near the top in connivence, I will only purchase my next unit if it includes this feature.
I am also disappointed that Qi (its pronounced "chi") has not taken off, I have induction (wireless) charging in My ipad that I take into a hot tub with me, wireless is the ONLY logical solution for a very wet environment.

I thought the Qi standard would take off and was disappointed when it didn't. That being said we still have wireless charging stations for our tablet, our smartphones, our Wii and our Xbox.
Nicola Tesla' supposedly wireless "free energy" concept started it all...