VIDEO: What's With Everyone Making Their Own Original Content?


According to Variety, Apple is going to invest in making some original shows, presumably for exclusive streaming on its Apple TV. In this brief video, our TV-loving panel asks: What's with everyone making their own streaming content these days?!

What about you, reader? Do you think this will herald in a new golden age of TV, or dark times? Let us know in the comments below!

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I am a huge fan of this original content. I've watched Orange is the New Black, Bloodlines, Bosch,the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and House of Cards. To me this is a continuation of the original content started by HBO, Cinemax, Starz (love Outlander) as well as AMC. It allows writers, directors and actors to take chances with content. It gives viewers more choices. I especially love that Netflix allows marathoning of episodes. Orange is the New Black would never have been made on regular TV or cable because the audience was not supposed to be that large - well they were wrong - it was a huge hit! More work for actors, directors and writers means more choices for everyone. I am so tired of "reality TV" - I would rather have the high quality well written original content shows any day of the week.
Alison Barretta (DealNews)
I will second @dealnews-Lindsay and say that BoJack Horseman is incredible. An animated show featuring anthropomorphic animals living in Hollywoo[d] is one of the realest series out there...and it's only on Netflix. Go watch it!

Exclusive content has been hit-or-miss for me. Most of it, I've caught on Netflix. I've already declared my love for the aforementioned BoJack, and I'm also a fan of Orange is the New Black (although the third season was its weakest). Wasn't too keen on Arrested Development's fourth season. I have my sights set on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt next.

If it counts, I lost interest in Yahoo's Community Season 6 early on. The format and pacing were different from the NBC seasons. Not sure if that translated so well, to me. (Also, Yahoo Screen had too many blasted ads.)
michael bonebright (DealNews)
Amazon is making some of the best shows around... for kids. Annedroids is an awesome science-centered adventure; Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street is like a modern day Pete & Pete; Wishenpoof is basically the perfect sparkly fairy story (that secretly helps younger kids talk about feelings and conflict); and Creative Galaxy dedicated to art and creativity. Highly recommend all of 'em.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@Ekeenan86 I wasn't a huge fan of the Wet Hot American Summer remake but the entire series is worth it if only for the awesome entrance from Paul Rudd in the first 5 minutes.

Personally one of my favorite "exclusive content" comedies of late is Bojack Horseman. It took me awhile to come around to it, but it's hilarious while sometimes punching you in the gut with the feels.