VIDEO: We Made Our Own LEGO Movie (and It Only Cost Us $15)

We hope you like SE7EN parodies!

Not being able to face forking over a ludicrous $15 to see The LEGO Movie in theaters, we instead bought the LEGO Castle Gold Getaway Set ($14.59 with free shipping via Prime, a low by $5) and filmed our own version. We think you'll agree that it's the most awesome movie ever filmed by man.

Viewers! We encourage you to film your own movies and share them with us! After all, why should we have all the fun?

Jeff Somogyi
Contributing Writer

Jeff Somogyi is constantly trying to come up with ways to surprise and delight audiences the world over. He takes humor seriously ... too seriously. (Honestly, we've never seen him laugh ... it's kinda creepy.)
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For the price of FREE there's a LEGO Movie Maker App so you can do your own stop motion movie right from your phone. ;)
I want my $15 back...
Oh thank goodness. I thought it was going to be some pansy chick-flick, turns out it was a high tension seat of your pants mystery/action/slasher/Zombie film, followed by a great cliff-hanger for the sequel (or possibly prequel à la "Star Wars"). I appreciate that there were no blood and guts so it can keep it's family friendly PG rating and I can enjoy it with my family.
I'd be surprised if it didn't get at least a couple of the Oscars it was nominated for: best director/original score/sound mixing/visual effects/original screenplay/live action short film/production design. I was really disappointed it didn't get the best actor in a leading role nomination - that was a shock, but knowing how they typically vote (politically correct) it will go to Chiwetel Ejiofor anyway.
If it doesn't get at least the best original screenplay we'll know they rigged/bribed the Oscar judges. I could go on and on with adulation but there is a limited number of characters in these reviews. Only 1 left.
Well Done. Best Picture was well deserved. I look forward to future films by the great director Somogyi.
Jeff Somogyi (DealNews)
By having the headless body scream, I was asking the question, "What is Self?" It conveyed dualism in a purely Faustian sense of Hitchcockian Kubrick-ness. We are hearing LEGO Man #2's INNER scream, the scream of his soul as he confronts the harsh reality that he's possibly insane and what is sanity, anyway. It's didactic.
So, yeah ... it was totally intentional and WAY deep...
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@albeitno You are clearly too clever for our style of LEGO movies!
Awesome! I hope there is a sequel in the future.
I give it a Seven.
Lord Business
I can't even tell if it's rendered or stop motion. I LOVED THE PART WHERE HE HAD NO HEAD!
Awesome.... I give it a 9/10!!!!