VIDEO: Starbucks Raises Prices! (Frappu-CHA-CHING-o!)

Are Grande prices at Starbucks a Tall order? Our team of experts are Venti-ing about the cafe's price hike.

Starbucks has raised prices on several of its coffee drinks by five to 20 cents, depending on the region and selection. Moreover, bagged coffee is set to increase by 8% starting on July 21. It should be noted, however, that despite our hilarious play on the word "Frappucino," the sweet blended drink has not increased in price; for now, fraps are safe.

In this brief — yet lively — video, our experts discuss how much is too much to pay for a cup of coffee?

What about you, readers? At what point will you stop over-paying for coffee? Tell us in the comments below.

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The price increase won't affect me as much, I'm one of those once-in-a-blue-moon Starbucks customer. I generally try to go to local coffee shops, but it's good to hear that Starbucks makes an effort to take care of their employees!
I am not a consistent Starbucks drinker, even coffee, as other consumers certainly are. However, paying "5 to 20 cents more" for coffee that has proven to be two things is not an issue. First, their coffee has proven to be of great quality that has delivered for years. Second, since Starbucks treats its employees as valuable team members and expands that idea even more with creating a tuition assistance program then what does the extra "5 to 20 cents more" really mean? In the end, costs will go up for goods and services so the company can continue to be a leader in the marketplace!
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@alex_overlord_ Interesting way of approaching it!
I personally like to shop at companies that looks out for their employees; Starbucks and Costco to name a few. So a small increase will no deter me from purchasing this for my wife.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@streamco To be fair, the baristas probably legitimately didn't know why the prices increased.

That said, it doesn't sound like the loyalty card would be something I'd get any value from. At this point, I don't buy coffee from Starbucks all that often. And I no longer have a taste for it, because I like our local options much better. I DO however really like their kale salad, but who goes to Starbucks for the food?
I've been contemplating zeroing out my loyalty card. $5.25 for a Venti Frapp is rediculous. They force you to buy 30 purchases in a year to maintain "gold" status. Costs you $60 to get a free drink. Fun splurge once in a while. Cheaper options available EVERYWHERE. The price rose up $0.20 only a year ago, and none of the Barrista's would acknowledge to me when I asked, why $5.05 became $5.25. This coffee train is out of control. A consumer boycott would help reign in this mad cow.
I saw the light and invested in a nice Nespresso machine; pricy itself with 70 cent pods (the most expensive), and a bit of a pain since they don't sell retail (only online or through their limited Nespresso cafes, but I'm lucky I live near NYC), but GREAT gourmet coffee in a minute, I set the pod wash my face come back it's ready to enjoy. I love it!

On Sundays, I like to take my time and make my own french press coffee, grind the beans, heat the beaker, heat water, brew and press ;-)
well if you have money to buy starbucks coffee 20c increase wont matter much :p
We don't usually buy unless there is a buy one get one free deal or a 50% off deal. But it is expensive w/o a promo, for sure. You could almost buy a meal for a Frap.
I know a ton of people that go there just to show off, It important for them to show that starbucks cup in their hand while driving or getting into office. They will be even more proud now that they are paying more... :)
Already Too HIgh !!!
It won't change anything even if the cup is $10. Look at gas price, $4/gal and more people are driving.
michael bonebright (DealNews)
A dime or two won't make me give up my once-a-week Starbucks run. I refuse to learn how to spell macciatto (macchiatto? whatev), much less learn to make one on my own.
its already too expensive... best point... there are too many coffee shops with their own experiences =)
Great! Now I can stop not going to Starbucks for their coffee, and start not going for their prices.