VIDEO: Is Google Building an Evil Robot Army or an Army of Pleasure Bots?

With Google's heavy investment in robotics, where is the future of the search giant headed? Killer robots, that's where! (Or not...)

Search giant Google recently purchased Boston Dynamics, a military-grade robotics company. (If you're unfamiliar with Boston Dynamic's work, please check out these videos of its robots in action.) Besides getting some cool robots to play with, we wondered why Google would be interested in this company.

In this brief — yet lively — video, our experts discuss the possible uses for Google killbots robots.

What about you, readers? What crazy reasons can you come up with that would explain why Google decided to buy Boston Dynamics? Tell us in the comments below!

Dan Leadbetter
Contributing Writer

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Google is DARPA
Maybe I've watched Bladerunner, Bicentennial Man, and AI one too many times, but I've always hoped I'd live to see implementation of robotics in the household beyond the basic iRobot level. Robots that can clean your house, do the laundry, cook dinner, mow the lawn, track food and supply inventory, and other household chores... freeing our time to pursue more intellectual tasks or enjoy some actual R&R.

Give me a bi-pedal robot (or one with a U3-X like mobility system) that is robust enough to do those sort menial tasks with the ability to learn new things and I'd gladly pay $20 to 40K.

Google Robotics joint venture with RealDoll? They would have plenty of buyers at any price. Even if you didn't have sex with it, I'd rather have an attractive rubber lady doing my housework than a plastic box. LOL
Amazon : Kiva Systems :: Google : Boston Dynamics.
Warehouse automation, y'all.
Greg the Gruesome

In other words, ¿Por qué no las dos? [Cue fiesta]
"why Google would be interested in this company."

Google + NSA in tow...more to spy you with.
Why do the two choices need to be mutually exclusive?