VIDEO: How Much Money Do You Have In Your Pocket, And Why?!


A recent study by revealed that 80% of Americans carry less than $50 in cash at any given time. The majority of respondents said they carry less than $20!

In this brief — yet lively — video, our experts reveal how close we are to a cashless society, and the pros and cons of ditching the bills.

What about you, readers? Do you still carry cash, or do you prefer using cards for everything? Which method do you think is safer? Tell us your opinion in the comments below!

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Jeff Somogyi (DealNews)
After much soul (and wallet) searching, I've decided to try carrying less than my usual $100, so please stop mugging me.
I usually carry less than $100 but more than $20. Unless the purchase is over $20 or so, I pay cash. No need for me to let the credit card company, and of course big brother, know where I spend my money.
I always carry >$100 with me. I dunno, must be Old Country beliefs..having no cash in your wallet (that what a wallet mainly is for...before adding slots for credit cards) would be portentous, an ill-omen, a bad-luck to becoming poor. With that said, I don't spend it..but use credit cards (for rewards and rebate checks) regularly.

But one thing is for sure and is a constant to handling my credit card bills...

I pay ALL in FULL, EVERY MONTH!! (Interest charges are taboo to me).
Dano Da Mano
I carry $188... all the time, and replenish my wallet when needed from the stash of various bills at home in the safe. I carry one of each $100, $50, $20, $10, $5 and three $1 bills. You need cash to buy stuff off CraigsList, to bribe the Mexican police on vacation, or to pay the tooth fairy back*. Having near "exact change" comes in very handy on occasion! That said, I never spend cash on anything, unless I absolutely have to (plastic is KING with awesome rewards amounting to about $1300.00 annually for me).
I very rarely carry cash. One side benefit is that when someone on a parking lot hits me up for cash, I can honestly reply, "Sorry, I don't have any", and could even show them my wallet has none if it came to that (thus far it hasn't).
I'm with Slaz5. My cards pay me to use them. The only time I pay with cash or check is if they charge a service fee for credit cards or don't accept them at all. I carry less than $10 for emergency use, but that's about it. I do have cash on hand at home in the safe in the event it's needed, but not on me.
I basically hit the ATM for $100 a couple times a month to cover lunches, the occasional split-check dinner & under $5 purchases. Just about everything else excluding major purchases or vacation travel is charged to my Chase VISA which is paid off at the end of the month.
My paycheck comes as direct deposit to the bank, all my utility and service bills pays through auto draft, I use credit card for grocery and other purchases. The only time I use cash or check is at the church, giving offerings and tithes.

Sometimes I get confused whether I am actually earning 'actual money' or 'digital numbers'...
I usually carry around $20-40 in cash for small expenses.
I typically use my card because I get the cash-back, even if it's 1%, it's still coming back to me. I carry cash for going out with friends and making sure I don't overspend or have to open a tab at a bar. I also use cash to pay the tips at restaurants so I don't have to leave the tip on my card, it feels like my monthly statements are lower when I don't have a months worth of tips on there.
As a college grad, getting any cash back helps, especially when I can use that little bit to chip away at my debt.
I always try to charge everything as well and pay it off at the end of the month.

But then again I have to carry between $50-$100 since some restaurants or activities only take cash...and when you're out with the girlfriend its x2. :(
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
I tend to charge anything that's a sizable amount even if I have cash on hand; I'm not sure why. I think I like to have a record of it, and then use cash for smaller things.
Paula Bradley (DealNews)
I'm one of those who never carries any cash - it's great cause people tend to buy you most daily expenses, like coffee or gum (that's pretty much all I spend money on anyway). On the downside, it is a bottomless pit for me - I got home from my business trip to NY and discovered I had spent every single penny - the only thing that stopped me was the machine not giving me any more!
My bank gives me free ATM banking at any vendors ATM, so little need to carry more than a $20 to cover that "oh sh*t I need some money" expense while out and about. And since I don't have to pay ridiculous ATM fee's I'm never that far from some quick cash if needed.
I carry very less. Most of the times I have zero. The first time I visited NYC, I did not have cash for the second toll. Luckily (may be not) my MIL was riding along and I could borrow from her to pay the toll.