VIDEO: HP Will Sell Windows 7 PCs Again, Will Others Do the Same?

It looks like Windows 8 isn't selling very well, so HP is again offering Windows 7 on new computers! Scandal!

HP has seemingly slighted Microsoft by selling new PCs running Windows 7. Eschewing Windows 8, HP claims that offering Windows 7 meets "popular demand;" the $150 dollar discount on these systems is an additional incentive to buy HP.

In this brief — yet lively — video, our experts discuss what a move like this means for Microsoft and, more importantly, the consumer.

What about you, readers? What does the future hold for Windows 8 and Microsoft?! Tell us in the comments below!

Dan Leadbetter
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I use a totally free program called Classic Shell. It lets you boot right to the desktop after logging in (if you have a password), and it gives you a traditional start menu again. They accept Paypal donations, and don't give you bundled Ad-ware like other "free" programs.

To get your other icons on your desktop just right click on an empty spot on the desktop and go to personalize, and customize your desktop icons (look on the menu to your left) to have my Computer,& the user folder, and recycle bin again, then you've pretty much turned your Windows 8 experience back into a 7 one.

I install Classic Shell for all my Customers, and discovered the handy tool over the summer (from one of my Customers). You can grab it at . I work in Computer Service if you haven't guessed.

Honestly: It's a lot cheaper (FREE) & less time consuming than installing Windows 7, and you don't ever have to use the metro interface if you don't want after.
Greg the Gruesome
It's rumored that the forthcoming Update for Windows 8.1 will allow you to boot directly to the desktop, so there's that.
i wouldn't mind a computer/tablet hybrid that was BOTH... YEAH I SAID IT, BOTH.

when docked, or used with a mouse its full on Windows 7 in your face. Once unplugged (or physically switched) then it turns into dumb Windows 8 large icon mode.
As a former Windows sysadmin, I am annoyed by the poor plug and play (particularly printers) performance of Windows. When I hooked up the very same printer to the same machine with Linux Mint the printer was installed within seconds, and took several steps to download and manually install the printer in Windows 7/8.
C'mon MS, wasn't Windows supposed to be user-friendly with plug-and-play? Many incarnations after popular Windows XP we still have plug-and-pray and BSOD!
If Microsoft had made an upgradeable operating system that would support legacy applications with network support and provide a smooth transition to the new op, then I believe the business community would have jumped onboard a long time ago. Businesses have made big investments in their legacy applications and systems and to have to invest more $$ for something that isn't broken makes no sense to them. Besides, I believe businesses make up 40-60 % of the computer usage, so to have 30% still at XP says quite a bit!
The Oracle (DealNews)
Oh and when I have to use another laptop, I keep trying to touch the screen and it doesn't work :( lol
The Oracle (DealNews)
I have a touchscreen laptop with Windows 8. I like it. I haven't had any problems with it. I still use the trackpad or a mouse most of the time, but there are times when it's just easier to reach up & touch the screen haha I spend well more than 40 hours a week on it, running multiple browser windows, multiple tabs, chat program, email program, iHeartRadio app, videos, Office software, and Fireworks. It handles it all!
Leave Windows 7 alone. Lets see. We are used to Windows 7. I myself do not like touch screen anything. Now if you can set up Windows 8 to work like Windows 7 and 8 is faster, now I am interested. Navigating through 8 is a night mare especially for us older folks. I would like to see improvements in 7. It is very hard to teach an old dog to do new tricks. Lets leave 7 for the older folks and 8 for the kids. Now everyone is happy. Think people!!!!
BrokerDon brings up points that are commonly misunderstood:
-Your IT provider doesn’t support Win 8 because they refuse to learn it.
-Everyone wants something new, but hates change.
-XP is garbage by today’s standards. What in Vista didn’t work? Remember, most of Win 7 is Vista.
-Win 8 doesn’t require you to buy a new computer. Win 8 is faster than 7. I’ve had great success upgrading XP machines to 8.
-Vista was a big change from XP. Everyone wants something new, but hates change.
-Tablets are replacing computers in general; Apple PC’s included.
-Ubuntu is not a viable option. The bloat and performance slow down you speak of is one of the flaws of XP. Vista fixed this.
-OS X does 99% of what businesses need? Really? I don’t think that’s true, but let’s just say that you’re right. If OS X and Windows essentially do that same exact thing, why would I pay Apple 4 times as much for a computer? By the way, it’s everyone’s own responsibility to avoid malware. Practice safe surfing.
I’m writing this hoping that others will have all sides of the story and not just the thread of hearsay and unfounded groupthink:

First off, it’s hilarious that the public can never be pleased and I’m glad that I’m not in Microsoft’s position. MS has been crucified by Apple and everyone else nearly the past 10 years for being stagnant, lacking creativity and excitement. They’ve just been delivering a “nerd” OS instead of a “cool guy” OS (read Apple) and losing market share for it. So MS decides to come out with something brand new, creative, cutting edge, and colorful. Basically re-inventing Windows for the millions of complainers. You wanted something new, fresh and exciting and when they delivered you decide you don’t want it anymore because it’s not like the previous Windows style that’s been around for 20 years. What a joke.
Another thing about Microsoft. I am peeved that they are pulling the plug on user support for XP. Several years ago, I bought a new desktop. At that time there was a lot of bad press about Vista, so I went with XP. I am still using that desktop for all of the same things I have been doing all along---Word, Excel, Powerpoint, web-surfing, and doing my taxes (I don't like to do my taxes on-line, I prefer to do them off-line and just use the internet to e-file them). I have no need for a new computer and I would like to keep my current operating system. Microsoft should continue to support XP; they would not have to provide so much support if they did not release XP with so many security issues in the first place. If Microsoft does not want to support XP, they should offer XP users a free upgrade to Windows 7 (or maybe a $5 or $10 dollar upgrade).
I don't know that much about Windows 8. I have seen that crazy TV commercial for Windows 8 (I think it was for Windows 8, but it might have been some tablet). The ad just showed a bunch of people using their tablets for bongo drums and then break dancing on the conference table, but never telling viewers what Windows 8 could do for them. Microsoft needs a new advertising director to go along with their new CEO.
I hate Windows 8 and if I could return it and get this I would!
Thanks for the tip, Kyser_Soze! Classic Shell works nice! Cracks me up that Microsoft only needed to add this feature to appease Windows 7 users. Hope this is available for Windows 9++++.
I bought a new HP computer with Windows 8 early 2013. Windows 8 is a guessing game. I returned it for Windows 7 system. I am impressed that HP is listening to it's customers.
I will buy a new tablet or might even buy a chrome book before I even think about buying a laptop . They are through with money I do have a old a**s laptop but that's a now. Don't even use it all it does is collect dust. I am always on the iPad or iPhone. XD =]
Greg the Gruesome
Is it really just a marketing ploy? I got the impression that while HP has been offering Windows 7 Pro on business PC's, they haven't been offering Windows 7 on consumer PC's.
There is free software that makes win 8 act like win 7. I am using Classic Shell to boot to the desktop, have a start button and avoid the modern UI. Problem solved.
Glad to hear that HP is going back to Windows 7. I hate Windows 8.
EXCELLENT HP! You put me back into the market. Windows 8 is acceptable for a phone. Windows 7 is my OS of choice especially with XP mode! Microsoft should throw you a party.
Is anything worse than Windows 8? Why do 'upgrades' always seem to be worse than what they replaced?
Yes it's a marketing ploy, but it's a good one. Most people are not happy with Win8, so why not take advantage of that. Also, almost all of the new computers in stores like Best Buy, etc. come with Win8 already installed, so some people might not know they can still get their hands on a Win7 machine if they wanted it. I think it's a smart move.
They never stopped selling Windows 7 PCs neither did Dell. This is a marketing ploy, wake up.
A year ago, I purposefully bought a new desktop because I wanted to make sure I still had Win7 as a choice. I knew of no advantage for me for Win 8 other than an eventual support decision by MS. Same goes for Office. I have been quite happy with Office 2003 so when MS started scrambling the interface, I went to an open source solution.

My interests and those of MS seem to be at odds. They need revenue and the only way they can coax money from me is to convince me to buy a new version of something. I want a stable, supported, software environment that works for years and years, and that gradually evolves to embrace new technology while keeping my legacy apps and equipment in service.

In fairness perhaps I should pay an annual license fee for my OS. That would give MS incentive to keep me supported rather than having to try to hook me on radically different software, laden with features I don't really need or want.
They do it because they need to try to compete and innovate. Thats just how business is. You can't get everything right.

Nonetheless, I like W7 much more.
When a manufacturer sells Windows 8.1 Pro with media center for the same price as Windows 7 Pro with media center. Then why downgrade. But that's not happening, Microsoft knows it, que sera sera
I bought a new PC (Dealnews! found) that came with Windows 8. I finally gave up after 2 months of confusion. It simply did not become any better or easier over time and I was always looking to figure out how to get back to a basic toolbar and startscreen. Long story short: I got Windows 7 again and am happy as a a clam.
In anticipation of Microsoft abandoning support for WIN XP this Spring, I just bought a new Dell Optiplex 9010 Ultra small form computer (Intel Core 3rd gen i7-3770S, 6 gb RAM ) with Win 7 Pro 64 bit from Dell's factory Outlet. Using a discount I found on Dealnews, I got 25% off and free shipping and paid less less than $590. Dell has lots of Win 7 computers because they understand business users have no interest in WIN 8. I'm a desk top user and WIN 8 is really optimized for touch screens on tablets. WIN 7 is a great OS.
Greg the Gruesome
I can't believe that Microsoft is selling Windows 7 OEM licenses to HP for less than Windows 8 ones, so if HP is selling otherwise identical PC's with Windows 7 for less than ones with Windows 8, why are they doing so?
I agree wholeheartedly. We're "upgrading" our Win XP Pro PCs to Win 7 Pro instead of going to Win 8 because:

1. our IT support provider said Win 8 is so bad they don't support is as part of our contract... WOW that speaks volumes!

2. all the reviews of Win 8 have been negative

3. Win 7 JUST WORKS like Win XP did (and Vista didn't)

4. Win 8 requires us to buy new computers to run while Win 7 runs great on our older 32-bit PCs

5. buying ANY Microsoft software within the 1st year or two of release has been VERY painful and frustrating... Win 8 definitely falls into this category like Win Vista

6. tablets and Mac laptops are completely replacing Windows PCs...

7. Ubuntu is definitely a viable option for older PCs since the Ubuntu OS doesn't have all the Microsoft OS bloat which drags down our PCs performance, especially over time.

8. Mac OS X does 99% of what we need in our business & personal computing... WITHOUT the Windows malware and degrading OS performance
I have been trying to get used to Ubuntu in anticipation that Microsoft will force all of us to use Windows 8 some time down the road. Even though it is a nightmare to get Ubuntu configured to the way I want it, I need to be prepared for the future.
8 is horrible if you don't have a touch screen interface, even then it's not great. Thank god manufacturers are realizing this. It's ridiculous that I have to buy a crappy OS with a new computer.
It's never good news when the older version of your OS is much more popular than your latest and greatest, despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent just in promotion.

I have a windows 7 Dell Vostro V130 and I love it, Dell no longer makes it, but it's a thin nice 2.5 lb laptop, and Windows 7 is just too good. Why would Microsoft mess up something so good? XP, 7, Office, and countless other products show that they can produce outstanding software, so why the messups?