VIDEO: Do You Still Need a Tablet if You Own a Phablet?


With the astounding sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (over 10 million units sold), it's clear that people really like larger phones. Does this interest in larger phones — dubbed "phablets" — come at the price of a dwindling tablet market?

In this brief — yet lively — video, our experts discuss if phablets and tablets are mutually exclusive technology, or if there's room in our hearts for both.

What about you, readers? Can phablets and tablets live together in harmony? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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I got a 5 inch phone in January and already had a 7 inch tablet... I never use the tablet anymore. I'm actually on my tablet now contemplating selling it. Might as well get the money out of it now. As soon as my gf gets a larger phone I will probably sell the tablet. I also have an 11 inch Chrome book for on the go... Then a laptop setup with external keyboard and monitors at home. I definitely think a Chrome book or mb air is best for on the go work... Depending on your needs.... Curiously with all this new mobile tech I am considering building a workhorse desktop again and scrapping the 15inch laptop form factor.
I think it will vary from person to person, phones likely will top out around 5-6 inch, and a lot of people prefer a tablet of 7-9 inch, AND THE PROVIDERS OF OUR GADGETS KNOW THIS!!!! So, they will likely keep us bouncing back and forth, so as to keep us buying new gadgets, etc, etc, etc.................

Part 3/end of Jumbocomment...
My laptop replaced my desktop, which I consider obsolete for my uses now, since my laptop is hooked to my tv/monitor and I use the web for all entertainment purposes.

I have seen people, who do not want a prepaid plan, using cheap tablets for phones as it was free, with wifi around town.

People who never leave their "city/burg" who have free citywide wifi can get away with this. It's just a flat fee for the tablet, which always seems to be 7-8inches and then they either have a cheap set of wired headphones with mic.

I would gladly use a 7 inch phone, as both phone and tablet, or if I had a decent 7 inch tablet with a great data plan, I'd use it as a phone exclusively, but as of late, that's not been an option. After my Streak 7 days, I've pretty much opted for contracted plans due to ease now that they have phones pushing 7 inch.

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The real question is, once national wifi hits most places, which is might, once mobile broadband is truly nationwide and very cheap, tablets may replace the need for an all out phone!

I have used a tablet as my main phone. I bought a Dell Streak 7, instead of the smaller 5 inch streak, even though I was told the Streak 5 was more phone than that of the 7.

I use bobsled for the most part and a corded headset when making calls, which is rare, perhaps a few times a month. It worked just fine, with just a data plan. I was able to get by just fine and called it my "mega" phone. Now we actually have "mega" phones out with that name.

I own a Note2, which is big enough for the most part and it's cut down my tablet use a lot, and my tablet use has started to exceed my "laptop" use as far as OTG//mobile use.
michael bonebright (DealNews)
I use my S5 and my Fire HDX for entirely different things. My phone is for communication -- like Twitter, FB, forums, email, messaging, and texting. (Also checking voicemail because I refuse to talk on the phone for any reason, ever.) My tablet is for leisure -- like videos, books, and longform articles. To be fair, I have the 9" HDX, so more screen real estate clearly matters to me.
I have a 7 inch Hisense Pro tablet and a Galaxy Note 3. The tablet only cost me about $100. I work from home quite a bit and I prefer to use my tablet for visiting Dealnews several times per day as well as general web browsing and reading articles on USA today, using eBay, YouTube, etc. I found that I am extending my battery life on my Note 3 by at least 100%. It typically lasts me 4-5 days as it is mostly on standby. When I am out and about I still prefer having a larger phone for my day to day needs and I do not feel the need to also carry a tablet as my phablet does the job just fine with a 5.7 inch display.

I will say that carrying my Note 3 in a heavy duty case in my front pocket can be challenging depending on which pair of jeans or pants that I am wearing that day. I am definitely in the market for a new smartwatch (drooling over the Galaxy Gear S) for this reason much more so than the need or desire for the newest and greatest tablet.