VIDEO: Are You Going to Miss Google+?


The news from Mountain View is that Google+ will no longer be the required method for logging in to Google services. This means that you'll no longer need to create a public G+ profile to access YouTube, Gmail, or Photos. The social media side of it isn't going away just yet, but how long will it really stick around once it's no longer mandatory?

In this short video, our experts either lament or dance on the grave of Google+.

What about you, readers? Are you going to miss Google+, or is this a change for the better? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

Jeff Somogyi
DealNews Contributing Writer

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At the very least, it would be great to have an alternative to FaceBook.
There's actually several features that make it superior.
The problem is not enough people go there, so nobody goes there.
I'm glad that they no longer FORCE people to sign up though.
Anthony S Jennings
Unfortunately for me, Google+ was the one social network my family finally coalesced around. So it's not going anywhere for me just yet.
I don't like being forced to use a product--and nobody was really forced to use the social functions of G+ and there were lots of things to like about G+. I have heard that Photos is not going to at least initially have all the functionality that G+ Photos had, which is disappointing that it would take a step back like that. What they're doing now about profiles is good, I just hope we don't lose all of G+ for those of us that do use it.
So the question is - now that I do not need a "public" profile - can I remove it?
Jeff Somogyi (DealNews)
That's going to be covered by the "Photos" app, now (which is, essentially, the awesome photo upload part of G+, broken out of G+ into its own app!
Google is removing all the good stuff from G+.
Google + does a great job backing up all your photos from a mobile device. I hope this does not change anytime soon. Otherwise the socal platform is complex and lame. I only use the service as a photo backup.
I agree bhennon
Signed up long ago, but it was kind of terrible, so I never used it.
Glad to see it go. I never liked being forced into using a product.