This Week's Rumor Roundup: iTunes, FaceTime, Facebook

Don't make a fuss. Honestly. It's OK. We'll just sit here in the dark.
  • Windows Phone 7 available October 11?
    Other famous launches that took place on October 11? In 1958, the newly-formed NASA launched it's first ever spacecraft, the Pioneer 1. Its mission: To probe the moon and send back scientific data. 43 hours after launch, it crashed back to Earth. Not that I'm drawing any parallels, of course.
  • Spiral interface coming to iTunes?
    Look deeply into your music collection ... you're getting sleepy ... when you wake, you'll have the sudden urge to use PING ... Of course, this could just be yet another in a long line of filings from the patent-happy Apple. Honestly, they generate patents like they're going out of style.
  • Apple's FaceTime coming to desktops?
    What use will THAT be? I mean, what's the chance your wife giving birth or your baby's first steps will take place in front of your PC's webcam? (That's all FaceTime is supposed to be used for, right? Or have I misread the advertisements?)
  • Rich Mexican billionaire to buy The New York Times?
    Yeah, 'cause rich people stay rich by throwing money at dying industries. That kind of action is called "altruism" and tends to create only poor people.
  • Facebook integration coming to OnStar?
    "OnStar. How may I help you, sir?"
    "Yeah. Could you update my status to 'Stuck in traffic. Emoticon frown'?"
    "Certainly. Is there anything else I can help you with today?"
  • Google Music delayed?
    To be delayed, doesn't there need to have been a solid date to be delayed from? Last I heard, Google Music was coming "soon" ... so now it's coming out "a little later than soon"?
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