This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPhone, Wii, Xbox

Some rumors are stuck on the island, some are living parallel lives in Los Angeles.
  • Black Nintendo Wii in May?
    In the words of my co-worker, Chuck: "Yeah, so this will make it not suck!" I think he summed it up, nicely, what ALL of us were thinking.
  • New iPhone on June 22?
    Why not just say, "Scheduled things comes out on schedule?" Honestly. To whom is an iPhone announcement in June a big surprise? People who've been in comas for the last four years, sure ... but who else?!
  • Cisco working on an Android-powered tablet device?
    Man, everyone is getting into the tablet game these days. I'll just bet that Bill Gates is sitting in his bedroom, fuming and muttering, "I was into tablets before they were cool."
  • Xbox to get PVR / DVR functionality?
    In Canada. Man, those guys get all the good stuff. Like ... um ... Wait. Canada? Seriously?
  • HP Slate tablet to never see the light of day?
    A scene from the HP board room:
    CEO: Awright you mugs! It turns out that running a full OS on a portable device is a bad idea. It's slow, it's complicated, and people seem to like the simplicity of the iPad.
    DRONE: If only we had some other OS just sitting around after a recent acquisition that we could throw on there! *light bulb*
  • Xbox 360 Slim in June?
    Just in time for swimsuit season.
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