This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPad, iPhone, Android

Rumors are a low-fat food:
  • Camp out to get an iPad and receive a "special gift"?
    Other than the usual "smug satisfaction" that comes with getting an Apple product on day one.
  • Not enough iPads being produced to fill the demand?
    Do they mean the demand for a better tablet device? Then, no matter how many they make, they won't fill that.
  • New PSP to be a tablet/phone hybrid?
    As always, Sony leads the way ... in un-wanted innovation. What happened to you, Sony? You used to be so cool!
  • All Android phones will get 2.1 OS?
    Google will be giving away free updates of their free OS to everyone?! For free?! AND you get to keep your crappy G1 handset?!
  • iPhone price drop to happen after iPad launch?
    A strategic move, by Apple, to make the iPad look even more ridiculously over-priced.
  • No more mail-in rebates attached to Palm devices?
    Er ... yeah ... it's the rebates which are slowing adoption of your awesome platform.
Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. Viewing it as a barrier to adoption, he has removed all mail-in rebates from his Twitter feed. It is now 100% hassle-free to follow his mind-thoughts @dzheough.
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