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This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPad, Google, Ninjas

One is too many, seven is not enough:
  • New iPad in time for the holidays?
    Current iPad owners get the gift of being obsoleted. Merry Christmas!
  • Logitech's Google TV box to retail for $299?
    At that price, it makes even the Boxee Box seem like a steal. A-Hahahahahahah ... (See, on the last dealnews podcast, we all agreed that the Boxee Box was way too overpriced at $200. Guess you had to be there?)
  • Throwing stars found in Steve Jobs' luggage?
    Admit it, fanboys, you knew all along that Jobs was a ninja-fied superhero! Or ... Admit it, haters, you knew all along that Jobs was a ninja-fied super-villain!
  • GoDaddy.com up for sale?
    They'll tease the details of the sale during their next Super Bowl commercial, but then you'll have to go online to watch the rest of the super-racy, unrated press release. Wowza!
  • iPads in Target stores in October?
    The evidence: There is an item in Target's databases which is the same price as an iPad! Because no other product would dare have the same exact MSRP as the iPad. (Except for, maybe, a lot of TVs, several computers, a handful of digital cameras ... Oh! And this canoe we saw one time when we were in the canoe store.)
  • Apple TV runs iOS and can be jailbroken, run apps?
    Oh, the fun we will have, sitting around the TV as a family, watching our favorite fart app ...
  • Google's music service to be cloud-based, cost $25 a year?
    What's weird is that it took Google to bring the functionality of Lala.com back to us, when Apple had the whole thing lock, stock, and barrel. Maybe next we're going to see Apple develop something that is oddly reminiscent of Google Wave. It's so that each can get away with something, without being under suspicion. Criss-cross!
Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. He will go to any lengths to make a belabored "Strangers On A Train" reference. Check out more of his intricate scheming @dzheough on Twitter
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