This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPad, Facebook, NASCAR, more

Another one for the history books:
  • Facebook working on a mobile phone?
    By default, it will call any nearby Facebook phone and transfer your private pictures and personal information over.
  • 7" iPad with the form-factor of the iPhone 4?
    Antenna issue joke blah, blah, blah ... .
  • iPad magazine subscription coming in the next two months?
    The hold-up? Publishers are reticent to sign on, sighting lack of control with Apple's proposed model. OK, people, if your plane is going down, and a be-turtlenecked passenger stands up and says,"Hey! I'm a pilot!" Do you tell him, "That's nice, but we'll figure this out on our own, thank you very much!"?
  • New Motorola DROID T2 phone will be all new, run Gingerbread?
    A new phone that runs the new OS and does new things better and faster?! Why, that's totally UNHEARD OF!
  • NASCAR to get another video game?
    Playing with enthusiastic friends might get tiresome: "Dude! DUDE! Turn left! OH WOW! Turn left again! Yeah! WOO Turn LEFT! TURN LEFT! KEEEEEEP TURNING LEEEEEEFFFFFT! AW! You forgot to turn left and crashed, dude ... ."
  • Apple will build 3 million CDMA phones this December?
    At the unveiling, jobs will then announce to the world that these handsets COULD have worked on Verizon ... right before he personally runs a steamroller over the entire pile of devices shouting, "This is what you get for not being happy with what I've already given you!!!"
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