This Week's Rumor Roundup: Rock Band, Star Wars, Android, more

Here they are. Drink them in. Get a buzz off of them. Then drunk-dial an ex-girlfriend. And remember, no regrets!
  • DirectX 11 coming soon?
    That's it, Microsoft! Keep reaching for those stars, as your users are horribly left behind because of their older hardware that can't run the new platforms. I guess you're giving Windows users new, unattainable heights to aspire to.
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars on Blu-ray in November?
    Awesome! A show I don't want to see, on a format I couldn't care less about! It's win-win!
  • BlackBerry's Thunder release date has been pushed back?
    You can tell how far away the release of the phone is by counting the seconds between the appearance of an Internet rumor and an official press release, then dividing by 5.
  • T-Mobile to get the first Android phone to market?
    All other cellphone companies sigh in relief, knowing that it'll now be T-Mobile's burden to explain why end-users should love the new OS.
  • Buy Rock Band 2, get all of the Rock Band 1 tracks for free?
    I guess Harmonix / MTV / EA didn't get the same "Gouge Your Customers At Every Turn" memo that the gaming industry lives by, huh?
  • Dead Rising 2: Las Vegas?
    But ... how will you be able to tell the zombies apart from the usual rabble of brain-dead, glassy-eyed, drunken gamblers? Zing, Vegas ... zing.
Jeff Somogyi is dealnews' Media Editor. When not at the nickel slots, he's wandering the strip, eating brains.
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