This Week's Rumor Roundup: DROID X, iPhone, more

In honor of Comic-Con, please don your homemade super hero costume / cosplay outfit while reading these. Excelsior!
  • DROID X has WiFi connectivity issues?
    "Open the Wifi connection HAL. HAL? Open the WiFi connection!" (Then phone then attempts to kill you, feels guilty, and sings "Daisy".)
    Bonus snark: In Cupertino, they're praying that this evolves into a really big antenna issue.
  • DROID 2 will have an R2-D2-branded Special Edition?
    Since everyone and thier brother has already made the requisite "DROID you're looking for" joke, there's not much left for me to say. Though, I DO hope that we find out, 22 years later, that the phone had the ability to fly all along.
  • Myspace affected by log-in problem?
    Yeah, the problem is that no one is loggin' in anymore! ZIIIIIIIIING!
  • Verizon switching to tiered data pricing?
    This feels like a clever ruse, Verizon, to get me to buy a phone in the hopes that I can be grandfathered in to your unlimited data plans. And it's working ... I've not slept in days, worrying about a potential data cap that isn't even effecting me yet!
  • Sony setting up a jazz / classical music store?
    Throw some opera on there, and you have yourself the perfect snob-bait. (OOOH! Maybe sell wine, too?)
  • iPhone coming to T-Mobile?
    When you beg the Internet to stop with all the "iPhone on Verizon" rumors, this is what you get. Careful what you wish for, people. (Especially if your wishes are granted by a mummified monkey's paw, golden fish, or venture capitalists.)
Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. He tried to use his three wishes to wish for more wishes, but the genie took him to court for breach of contract. Read more of his wishings @dzheough on Twitter.
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