There's Now a Patch to Make Batman: Arkham Knight for PC Slightly Less Terrible

There are a slew of bugs left to fix, and the game still isn't available for new purchases, suggesting there's still room to improve.

Earlier this summer, Warner Bros. released Batman: Arkham Knight, the fourth installment in its current Batman series of video games. The game was extremely well-received — for those playing on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, at least.

On PC, the game was wildly panned for having numerous performance glitches. According to GamerRant, players were reporting frame rate issues, "audio glitches, random crashes to the game's menu, and gameplay stuttering frequently during normal play, even when using the lowest settings."

The problems were so bad that Warner Bros. pulled the game entirely and offered refunds through Steam.

There's Now a Patch, But It Won't Fix Everything

That was in June. Now, finally, the Steam blog has announced that there's a patch for people who have already downloaded Arkham Knight for PC.

Steam has a full list of the issues that this patch addresses, but there are many more bugs that are also noted that will be worked on for "future updates."

The Game Is Still Not Available for New Downloads

Somewhat tellingly, the game still remains pulled from Steam's library of downloadable titles, meaning this patch might be just that — a patch, and not a complete cure to all that ails Arkham Knight for PC.

One would hope that when the PC game is once again distributed to customers, it would arrive with some sort of promotional discount. Thus far, the lowest price we've seen for the console versions is $40.

Readers, did any of you buy Arkham Knight when it originally launched? What do you think of the latest patch? Sound off in the comments below!

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michael bonebright (DealNews)
After the (not totally unplayable, but still) glitches that plagued the PC port of Arkham Origins, it's become pretty clear that this series just wasn't made with the PC Master Race in mind. Which is fine, I guess-- some games are just more fun on consoles. I mean, I'm not dying to boot up Halo on my rig or anything.

But when a studio releases a game on PC, it would be nice if it *worked*.
I received a free steam key for this game when I purchased my new video card late last spring. The game was not 'unplayable', at least for me, but some people (depending on their systems it seems) just could not get this thing to run properly at all. I only experienced some minor stuttering at certain points of the game that where more annoying than game breaking. Now that there is an official patch out, I may try it again.