The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is Here! But the Best Deal Will Have You Waiting

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Last week, the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G Google Android Smartphone for Verizon was finally released. (It was previously available unlocked.) And as TechCrunch points out, the price tag of $299 (with contract obligations) seemed surprisingly steep to some consumers, although it's in line with Verizon's new pricing tier for 4G devices.

The site noted several opportunities to get a discount on the phone, however, and the best deal we found came from Amazon Wireless. New accounts can snag the phone for just $149.99*, while customers renewing their contracts can get it for $199.99. The only catch? It's backordered for a month or two. Which means, to get the best deal available at this moment, you'll need to wait even longer. (*Amazon has since increased the price to $189.99 for new accounts and $239.99 for renewal, which ties WireFly's offer below.)

Are You Willing to Play the Waiting Game, Again?

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus — the first and only smartphone to run the Ice Cream Sandwich OS — was first announced in October, within a week of the Motorola DROID RAZR. We compared the two phones, and even came to the conclusion that the Galaxy Nexus might be the better of the two; several of our readers agreed. But the RAZR was released first, while the Nexus had no formal release date until just last week.

Back in October, numerous consumers were waiting for the Nexus, so they could compare the two devices to inform their purchase. But several weeks went by without a Nexus release date on the horizon, so it's reasonable to think that a portion of Samsung's potential clientele then opted for the thin Motorola by default — especially when you consider that the RAZR was released in time to be included in Amazon's Penny Pincher Sale at the end of November. That knocked the phone to just 1 cent with a new contract, and it came bundled with a $100 gift card. How could such a deal not entice Android fans who were sick of playing the waiting game?

A Reason to Put Off the Purchase

Even though the Nexus is available now with a fairly sizable discount at Amazon if you're willing to wait for the backordered delivery, there may be incentive to hold off on even that. Early user reviews for the phone have indicated issues with the phone's signal strength and touchscreen, according to Engadget. The site claims that in both instances, faulty software is likely the culprit, and there's no concrete time frame for when that will be updated. If you'd rather wait for the updates, you might be able to score an even better deal down the line.

So Will You Buy the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Now?

Regardless of whether the RAZR has "stolen" potential Nexus users away, that does not change the fact that Samsung's device is still the only phone to currently run the latest Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. Readers, how many of you held out for the Nexus? Are you willing to wait another month or two for the Amazon deal to arrive, or will you pull the trigger on other offers like the discount from WireFly ($189.99 for new customers, $239.99 for renewal)? Or, will you give up entirely and jump aboard the RAZR wagon? Sound off in the comments below!

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I was looking @ the RAZR for myself; wanted a Nexus, but as late as last wednesday, I couldn't get a firm release date from the Verizion Rep.  On the advice of my friend and Andriod Geek, I went with a Rezound.  I LOVE it!!!  The "Beats Audio" was not really a deciding factor for me, but rather icing on the cake.  The phone is fast, intuitive, and fun.  The "Beats" is sick! Lots of fun.  I'm not at all disappointed with it.  Highly recommend.
I ordered one for my wife since she didn't want an iPhone. Initially amazon said delivery would be Dec 30. Got notice that it has shipped and will be here tomorrow
I have been waiting since the first notice came out about the "Prime." As each potential release date was pushed back even more I began to look around a little. My phone guy recommended the iPhone 4S, and his business has nothing to do with iPhone. At this point I've almost decided to go with the Rezound, or MAYBE the iPhone 4S. If I wait 2 more months for a better deal on the Galaxy Nexus, I may as well wait for "the next new Android phone" to be released.
Now that the Nexus is out with all these problems I am going to hold off another quarter and hope to get the Galaxy III with ICS.