Staff Halloween Costumes


Jim Adams — Senior Editor

Costume: Spider-Man

Before he was web-slinging across Manhattan's rooftops fighting crime, Spider-Man was out collecting candy. Unmasked!

Jeffrey Contray — Managing Editor

Costume: Jeff Skywalker

The Rebel Alliance started X-Wing Fighters young in my childhood, at least that's probably what my five-year old self was thinking at this moment. And while the Force probably wasn't all that strong in me — a western Pennsylvania upbringing was a little bit easier than life on Tatooine — I would certainly use my powers to help good triumph over evil. And by good, I meant scoring extra SkyBars and boxes of Alexander the Grape. (Not pictured, but my candy conveyance of the evening was an R2-D2 bank with it's top chopped off and rigged into some sort of pail. Awesome.) Evil, I imagined at the time, was some sort of amalgamation of Darth Vader and my own father, who I just knew would make me go to bed early so he could plunder my haul of delectables. (My father turned out to be a much more respectable person, though in hindsight it doesn't seem that he ever killed the Emperor of an intergalactic brute squad for me.)

Julia DiNardo — stylenotes Editor

Costume: Kitty

This Halloween, I wasn't sure if I would participate in dressing up as I have come to be relatively disgusted by many Halloween costumes for women (mainly due to the fact that they all somehow seem to involve a teeny-weeny skirt, fishnets, and lots of cleavage). So I decided to work with what I already had. I bought a kitty mask, dressed in minimalist black from head to toe, and made a tail out of an old black t-shirt. Voila (or shall I say "meow") — Julia, the Halloween Pretty Kitty, was born!

Jeff Somogyi — Senior Staffwriter

Costume: Doctor Who (the Tom Baker years)

Yes: Doctor Who. I think this picture proves that at a young age, I won the crown for King Of The Nerds. Also, being seven years old, I didn't realize that not everyone in America was watching the same TV that I was. So, I was shocked to find that every house I visited — EVERY ONE — the person would open the door and ask, "And who are you supposed to be?" And I would say, with a big grin, "Doctor Who, of course!" And they'd frown, look at me weird, chuckle politely, hand over a roll of NECCO waffers, and quickly close the door. I suppose they thought I was a bit mental. And I was: Mental for Doctor Who!

Cherri Simonds — Office Manager

Costume: Devil

There's a funny story behind my devil costume. I was working in the mall at the time and a big group of Japanese tourists armed with cameras around their necks surrounded me, asking me to take photos with all of them. I felt like Mickey Mouse at DisneyLand. I couldn't understand a word they were saying and they kept bowing and thanking me. I'm sure when they returned home they said, "See! I told you America is the big Satan!"

Louis Ramirez — Features Editor

Costume: Goblin

As a kid, all of my Halloween costumes always made sense. As for the rest of the world, well, they were usually left guessing who I was supposed to be. In this photo I decided to join my cousin (who's dressed up as Scooby Doo to my left) for an early Trick-or-Treatin' spree in New York City. I didn't have a costume ready at the time, but I knew I wanted candy, so I concocted a last-minute goblin costume. Why we went Trick-or-Treatin' at Madison Square Garden, however, I still don't know.
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