Sears' New Ad: No One Shops Here, So We Have Plenty of Parking!

Sears pokes fun at itself, but is anyone else laughing?

Where Kmart tried to shock shoppers into its stores with this year's holiday ad campaign, its sister company Sears seems to have something else on its mind: the retail chain's increasingly ghost town-like atmosphere.

In the commercial below, two movie-going ladies choose to leave their car outside a Sears because "Sears always has parking!" As Business Insider pointed out, the ad comes off as being little too self-aware, as "an open Sears store was cited for urban blight last month for appearing abandoned." To be certain, it's an odd ad choice for a company that's had to sell off pieces of itself recently.

What's more, this Sears ad wasn't even the first time TV audiences were treated to an allusion to the ailing company's unoccupied retail locations this year. In an October episode of Family Guy, Lois and Peter wander into a Sears in search of clothes, only to find it's been transformed into a Mad Max-esque wasteland.

What do you think, readers? Is Sears offering up a little self-deprecating humor with its latest ad, or is the spot an actual cry for help? Give us your takeaway in the comments below!

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Seems to me Sears could take a lesson from the American auto makers. When they started producing a good product at a fair price guess what happened? Can trust any of the old brands any more they are more interested in selling warranties then providing a good product. I'd like to shop there again, I really would.
Normally I think this might have worked.

Unfortunately it looks like Sears used the same agency that produced the recent Obama Care ads. Sorta clever, sorta lame.

It won't affect my Sears-shopping pattern, I'll still use the curb-side pick up counter. I'm out in 5 minutes.
Chin Kong
I always buy from Sears when possible. They support their workers, especially those who have served abroad. That's worth it for the deals or even paying more.

I'm anti-war, it's the principle that counts. I'm glad Sears has hung in this long.
I can find good deals at Sears sometimes. Always good for tools but Home Depot and Lowe's are giving them a run for their money in that department also. But honestly I think they have the most sterile, uninviting stores ever dreamed up. The clothes, furniture, bedding...all bland. I think the multilevel department store has run it's course. Walmarts are all one level which makes it easy to push a cart around. You can't take a cart up the escalator at Sears. The local Kmart looks like a swap meet. The floor was so dirty at Kmart I thought I was still in the parking lot. It was dark, musty, and junky.
Well it's no wonder! SEARS has always been ripping people off, but now thanks to the internet, people are more informed, people got more choices. People compare prices and understand that its cheaper to shop online than to let SEARS continue ripping customers off.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@FresnoMan Just because a store is struggling doesn't mean they don't have good deals. Frequently it's the opposite because the retailer needs to try harder to get your business.
I don't like going in Sears. I think that they put the nail in their coffin when they merged with Kmart, which is another store I will avoid at all costs. They do not feel like they belong in this century, yet they are way overpriced.