Rumors: iPad 3 in October? Facebook is awesome?

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews writer

The fireworks may be over, but the rumors are just getting started:

  • "Something awesome" is coming to Facebook?
    That's what DigitalTrends quotes Mark Zuckerberg as saying. Personally, I'm hoping it was a misprint and Zuck really said, "Zomething awesome." Cuz that would mean Facebook is bringing back Zima.
  • OnLive coming to Xbox and PlayStation?
    Attack Of The Fanboy says an OnLive representative told reporters that it's a real possibility both consoles will be adopting its streaming game service. Well done, OnLive, you got these two diametrically opposed companies to agree on something! (That your software will never appear on their platforms!)
  • Charlie Sheen's character on "Two and a Half Men" will die violently?
    TMZ tells us that art will imitate career.
  • RIM to cancel next-gen PlayBook for next-gen phone?
    Due to lackluster sales of the current PlayBook, Time's Techland says that RIM has realized they need a new phone to capture the minds of consumers. RIM? I have lost count of the number of second chances you've been given.
  • Marvel to produce short films?
    After watching audiences leave half-way through "Thor" and pre-screenings of "Captain America," I guess they figure they'll save money by only producing half a film. (Via SlashFilm)
  • Nexus Prime will be an Ice Cream Sandwich phone?
    Another stupid Android phone? What's that, like, the billionth one to come out?! It's really hard to stay excited when you know the next "OMG! ANDROID!" phone is only days away from being announced. Also: I was upset because I wanted it to be an actual ice cream sandwich. Thanks for misleading me, CNET!
  • Next-gen MacBook Air will be available in Black?
    DigitalTrends speculates that future Air buyers will have the choice between aluminum or black. In the far future, air buyers will have the option of 2% or 1% smog.
  • Thinner and lighter iPad 3 for sale in October?
    Amongst others, GeekSugar says that this is the final, final word on release schedule for the next-gen iPad. But, don't things normally get lighter and thinner before the summer, not the fall? October is Pie Season, when we're allowed to wear our sweats and just not care anymore.
  • Google will buy Hulu?
    G'Huloogle! There. It's been said, now let's all move on, as a society, shall we?! But seriously, if the LA Times is right, this will either save the GoogleTV or kill Hulu. Either way: Lose/lose!

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. For more of this thoughts, scary though they might be, follow him via Twitter or read his blog.

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