Rumor Roundup: iPhone 6? Facebook Music? Zune Movie Streaming?

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews Media Editor

The streets of the Internet are rife with rumors. These are their stories. (CLUNG CLUNG):

  • iPhone 6 will be wirelessly charged?
    IBTimes suggests that the next, next-gen iPhone will require that your home have oscillating magnetic field generators embedded in your ceilings that bathe you in magnetic waves all day, so you can avoid a single USB cable for your iPhone.
    Side note: It is hypothesised (by TAPS) that magnetic waves make people think they see ghosts! I can't wait for all the reports to come flooding in of people seeing "a woman in Victorian dress" standing near their phone.
  • Zune Marketplace will offer unlimited movie streaming?
    The Escapist says the service will move to a Netflix-like model for streaming of video content. So ... it's going to double it's prices, alienate its customers, and be deluged with hate-mail? Quite a business model!
  • Zynga offered $1 billion for PopCap?
    The world never knew how close it came to having such conversations about micro-payments with their kids as, "You spent how much on DoomShrooms?!" (You might still have this conversation if your child falls in with the wrong crowd ... but that's not Zynga's fault ... or is it?!?!) (via Aol games blog)
  • Apple iTunes finally getting 1080p movies?
    There will now be three tiers of videos available on iTunes, says ars technica. SD at 480p, HD at 720p, and HD+ at 1080p. But don't worry, the HD+ films will cost more. I know you were worried that Apple would try to give you something of better quality for free. Rest easy!
  • Microsoft will have one OS for desktops, tablets, phones, and Xboxen?
    According to The Escapist, by 2015 Microsoft will unify their platforms, ushering in a brilliant future where a single, one-size-fits-all OS will do everything you want it to ... reasonably well. OK, maybe just adequately? At the very least it'll be sufficient!
  • iPhone 5 delayed because of overheating?
    9 to 5 Mac claims that the engineers are experiencing difficulty with heat management with the phone's processor. Alls I know is, if you delay it much longer, it's the fanboys who'll be overheating, amiright?!
  • Facebook music service, called Vibes, coming soon?
    Mashable uncovered some code that points to one of two things: a music-sharing system is coming to Facebook any time now, or Cyndi Lauper and Jeff Goldblum are up to something again. (I have bad vibes myself, about that joke.)

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. For more of his humorous references to obscure 80s movies, follow him on Twitter or read his blog.
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