Rumor Roundup: iPhone 5? What Will Wii U Cost? More?

By , dealnews Media Editor

Want to know the latest rumors that the Internet's been bla-blabbering about this past week? Then read on:

  • Wii U Will Cost No Less Than $300?
    Since the world is governed by Price Is Right rules, this rumor has more than a fair chance of being true. I'm going to guess $1. #Jerk [NeoSeeker]

  • Microsoft to Trade Bing to Facebook for Stock?
    Microsoft sounds like me at every grade school lunch, trying to trade my health-food snacks my mom made us eat for the other kids' good stuff. "I'll trade you a handful of carob for a couple of Doritos." "What does carob taste like?" "Brown wax" "..." "Yeah, I know. I'll go sit somewhere else...." [ComputerWorld]

  • Windows Phone 8 to Have Kinect-Like Functionality?
    For example, you could move from screen to screen by swiping your hand from side to side in the air. NO, DON'T TOUCH THE GLASS! Why do you want to make things more difficult for yourself?! [Tom's Guide]

  • Next-Gen Xbox Will Have a 16-Core CPU?
    Some of those cores will be used to power the next-gen Kinect, which will be so accurate it can distinguish individual fingers. Other cores will be used to monitor your always-on Internet connection to make sure you're not a thief. Whatever's left over could be used for gaming, I guess. [SlashGear]

  • Apple iPhone 5 Will Have Feature Face Unlock?
    You can do this with the current phones, actually ... just "slide to unlock" with your nose. Greasy. [IBS]

  • iTunes 11 Will Have Better iCloud Integration?
    Will it still look like a spreadsheet designed in 2001? I hope it'll still look like a spreadsheet from 2001! With all their attention to beauty, I constantly marvel at how iTunes has slipped through the cracks without getting sprinkled with Apple's magical "beauty powder" (you KNOW they have such a thing, and it's awesome). [9to5mac]

  • Amazon to Offer More Membership Benefits with Prime?
    Maybe it'll be a punch card that gets me a free sandwich with every fifth purchase! Maybe it'll offer 11 CDs for a penny, with no more to buy, ever! Maybe it'll be 10% off at the Amazon Gift Shop and a free tote bag! Well, whatever it is, I hope it includes a membership card and a decoder ring. ("Don't ... forget ... to ... drink ... your ... Bezos-tine"? Gross!) [AllThingsD]

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