Rumor Roundup: Star Wars Tickets Will Go on Sale in October?


When the Internet runs out of news, it starts making things up. We think this is funny, so we round up all the lies and speculation and put them here. We call it the "Rumor Roundup" and we do it all for you! This week:

Facebook Dislike Button
  • Is Facebook About to Add a "Dislike" Button?
    Its lifespan will be from as long as it takes to go from its roll-out, to the moment a giant advertiser's ad is "disliked." When Walmart says, "It's either me or the dislike button," that's the end of it. Why not something less harsh? How about a "meh" button? Or a "¯\_(ツ)_/¯" button? [The Next Web]

  • Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Be Set in the 1980s?
    Ooh! I hope all the missions are about stealing Cabbage Patch Kids. Those things were hard to find back then. I remember this, because I am old. [Latinos Post]

Samsung Foldable Smartphone
  • Is Samsung Testing a Foldable Smartphone?
    "What am I supposed to do with a foldable smartphone?" "Have you tried origami?! Now, it's a pterodactyl! CAW! CAW!" [PCMag]

  • Is Nickelodeon Creating an All-90s Cartoons Channel?
    Kids and adults alike will enjoy 20-year-old cartoons that make pop references about Bill Clinton! Solid business plan. [Buzzfeed]

Star Wars Awakens
  • Will Star Wars: The Force Awakens Tickets Go on Sale in October?
    Why would I need to buy a ticket for a movie two months in advance? Oh right, because of manufactured (or should I say "forced," heh) hype! Look, the movie's gonna be in theaters for a loooong time. They'll keep selling tickets until they don't sell anymore. You don't have to squat on Fandango. Though it'd be amazing if they did announce that the film was a limited run and won't ever be on DVD, Blu-ray, digital, or cable. Ever. Society might collapse over that. [MovieWeb]

  • Is a Sequel to The Last Of Us on Its Way?
    Are they going to re-title the first one "The Second-To-Last Of Us" then? Or is the new one gonna be called "Even More Lasts Of Us (We Found More!)"? Have a funny name for a "The Last Of Us" sequel? Put it in the comments, below! [Gamer Center Online]

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I fear a classic 80's / 90's cartoon channel due to addiction anxiety.
"The Last of Us, for real this time...honest, we mean it...Part I"
Greg the Gruesome
From what I've read, it won't be a dislike button but a that-stinks-bro button.