Rumor Roundup: Quad-Core iPhone? Facebook "Want" Button? More?

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When the Internet runs out of news, they start making things up. We think this is funny, so we round up all the lies and speculation and put them here. We call it "Rumor Roundup" and we do it all for you! This week:

  • iPhone 5 Will Have a Quad-Core CPU?
    Four cores in an Apple? I once got two yolks in an egg. [CNET]

  • The New iPad Is Overheating Because of One-Too-Many LEDs?
    And finally, a wafer-thin LED. It's only a tiny little thin one. It's only wafer thin ... Apple iCreosote. (Apologies to anyone who gets that and was eating at the time.) [DigiTimes]

  • Twitter Will Aquire Sense Networks?
    Which will lead to better ads being served to users! ... Yay? [TechCrunch]

  • Next-Gen Xbox Will Be Called Xbox 8?
    This is based on the fact that (among other domains) was turned over to Microsoft. If they really were going after the "Xbox 8" name, wouldn't they have fought to get Xbox8.COM (which still resides in the hands of someone who is learning how to use Wordpress)? [MSNBC]

  • Foxconn Will Build Amazon's Smartphone?
    Oooh, careful, Amazon! I was told by a once-reputable news source that Foxconn mistreats its workers. You don't want lying American "journalists" to start making up such lies about YOU, do you? [TechSpot]

  • Facebook Will Debut a "Want" Button?
    Great. Not only will I know what my friends like, but also what they want. Look, if I cared what your hopes and dreams were, we'd be friends in real life and not just on some stupid social network, OK? [Inside Facebook]

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1 comment
WIth regards to the rumor on the A6 processor for the rumored iPhone 5...

I personally don't believe that they will include a quad-core processor for several reasons, mainly because it is not neccesary for over 99 percent of the smartphone user population. Sure they might be a couple intense games that would require some type of integration of a quad core processor. Apple is not a company that tends to front run in the release of technology. They take ideas, and they revolutionize the way those things are used. Quad core smartphones are not practical. There are too many imperfections that every smartphone, including the iphone, have not fixed since the birth of the mobile phone game.

Things I think that apple will focus on: LTE, thats a given at this point, Changing their 30-pin connection, it is simply time for a refresh. Further improvement on battery life is something they could really set themselves apart on. Too many smartphones even today still die way too early. Battery life is something everyone can agree is essential to their phone. I believe they will increase the screen size to a 4 inch screen, or possibly larger. With that said I believe they will still have the original screen size as well. Their laptop line has several options from the 11, 13, 15, and 17 inch models, why not make the iphone similar in that regard? 2 or 3 options would certainly give apple a chance to regain overall marketshare from droid, they made a great move last year in continuing the production of an 8gb ipihone 4 to budget concious users.

A couple wild ideas for the new iphone I have thought about would be a hd camera on the back that would shoot in retina like viewing quality as opposed to 1080p. Certainly not inpossible considering apples focus on retina has been extended to three different hardware lines now. Another possiblity is integration of something that is drop proof. I certainly doubt they will make their iphone indestructable. The technology is there by using gorilla glass 2 ect, but in my opinion Apple makes too much money off people bringing their phones into the stores for repair, and they make too much money off accessories as do their 3rd party vendors, to stop wanting to promote cases and screen protectors. They could also make it water proof, but again that kind of falls back on what I just said.

I believe they should give credit to the EVO 4g and LTE as well as other smart phones and tablets on the horizon such as the Microsoft Surface tablet, and integrate a built in kick stand, but with apple's own twist to it. Maybe something involving magnetic force or something crazy no one else uses. Again this idea will most likely not get played by apple because they very rarely get involved copying hardware ideas from othe is another subject.

The thing I wish the iphone had but currently does not have is a removable battery and an SD slot. Again though, doublful either will happen. Apple wants you to pay the premium and by their higher end memory models instead of buying the 8 or 16gb and going out and buying 3rd party sd cards. And a removable battery would mean being able to take the phone apart, at least part of it, easily, making it feel probably cheaper, flemsier, and also giving too many people the chance to make their iphone look completely different than how it was bought in regards to shape.

Just my 2 sense on the matter, but I dont think the A6 will come to the iphone for another year. It will be a big enough deal if they just give a bigger screen option, maybe a hardware look refresh for one of the sizes, improved battery life, and a different Pin connection.