Rumor Roundup: PlayStation 4 Codename? TMNT (Minus the 'TM')? iPhone 5?

By , dealnews Media Editor

The streets of the Internet are rife with rumors. These are their stories. (CLUNG CLUNG):

  • PlayStation 4 Codenamed "Orbis"?
    "I call mine 'Roy.'" "Why, dad?" "Because it's ORBIS, son!" (This scene will play out in exactly zero households.) [Huffington Post]

  • New Film to Be Called "Ninja Turtles" with No Mention of 'Teenage' nor 'Mutant'?
    So we are now expected to believe that all turtles can ninja fight, not just the teenaged mutant ones? This will certainly change the way I speak to terrapins from now on. [SlashFilm]

  • News Corp. Building an ESPN-like Network in the U.S.?
    By "build" they mean "hack into ESPN and steal what they need." #TopicalNewsCorpHackingJoke [RantSports]

  • Facebook Charging $710,000 a Day for Logout Ads?
    Do people log out of Facebook?! WHY?! That's the only place I have friends who are happy to see me! [ZDNet]

  • iPhone 5 Will Have an All-Glass Body?
    Now, time-travelling business men from the '80s can use both the front and the back of the phone to do rails. [New Jersey Newsroom]

  • iPhone 5 Will Have 3D Capabilities?
    At the keynote, everyone will mishear it as 3G and go nuts. Once informed of their error, the crowd will ... again, go nuts. (Because that's just what people do at iPhone keynotes.) [IBTimes]

  • Google Creating a Commenting System?
    This trolling comment* has been brought to you by Google+. Thanks, Google! [Marketing Land]
    *Though, aren't they all? Never. Read. Comments. (It's the only advice I have for you if you are seeking happiness.)

  • Zynga Games Coming to the Xbox 360?
    Great, now I can't be on any of my platforms without being haunted by the fact that my friend Tim just played "xi" for 98 points ... again. [GigaOm]

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. The best day of his life was when he learned that "qi" was a legal word "with friends." (It was also the worst, because it was used against him to score 100+ points.) See more of his vocabularic thoughts on Twitter or on his blog.

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