Rumor Roundup: Is This a Photo of the iPhone 5?

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews Media Editor

These rumors contain more than 100% of your USDA amount of lies:

  • Is this the iPhone 5? (See picture, right)
    A tipster sent 9to5 Mac this picture, claiming he saw an Apple employee using the next-gen phone. Grainy, right? Too bad the tipster didn't use the iPhone 5 to take the picture, we hear it's gonna have an awesome camera.
  • Apple to buy Barnes & Noble?
    BGR says that Jobs might buy them just to strip them and then close them down. If I had the funds, I'd do it too, just to end the nook.
  • Ultra-thin MacBook Pro coming soon?
    According to the LA Times Blog, Apple is out to prove you can never be too rich or too thin. And since they have the "more money than the dreams of Avarice" thing covered, they can only try and get more thin.
  • AT&T will throttle heavy bandwidth users?
    International Business Times claims that AT&T will be going the way of Verizon and punishing the top 5% of bandwidth hogs with slower service. So, boasting that your network allows us to send emails, stream movies and music, and surf the web is just theoretical. If we try to take you up on that offer, you get ticked off?!
  • Amazon's tablet will aim for cheap?
    Time's Techland says Amazon's tablet is going to be stripped down, to ensure a cheaper price. Most shocking: The screen will only be able to support input from two fingers at a time. But I just wrote a Ouija Board app and was hoping to port it. Aw, man! (Outlook not good.)
  • Voice control coming to iPhone 5?
    It's not what you think ... it's going to tell you what to do. (via Digital Trends)
  • Resident Evil 6 announcement soon?
    Gaming Blend says the official announcement will take place sometime in September. The Capcom spokesperson will take the stage and stand stock still while pointing at some of the audience. Then he'll pause, walk to the other side of the stage, stand stock-still again, and continue his announcement. He will frustratingly repeat this until a zombie dog eats his face. (Hope he has a green herb.)
  • "Tales from the Crypt" coming back to TV?
    TG Daily says that this spooktacular show might fiend a way to be raised from the dead and put back on the BOOb tube. *Cackle*

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. He remembers when "Tales from the Crypt" was the most cutting edge original program on pay cable — and that was all puns! See what puns he comes up with on Twitter or his blog.
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1 comment
AT&T sent me a letter for my home DSL sating that I use more than their 150 gigs/month and I will be charged $10 extra for each 50 Gigs I go over.  This is home service, not wireless!!!  I have unlimited 4G with Clear and it's even faster so I might have to drop AT&T now.

Regarding ultra thin macbook pro's, I can imagine the only way to do that is to use SSD drives and remove the CD/DVD (just like the macbook air).