Rumor Roundup E3 Edition: What Gaming Rumors Could Become TRUEmors?

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) starts on June 5. That means all these gaming rumors that we've been hearing recently have a chance to become gaming TRUEmors. So come on, take a trip down rumor lane with us, as we review/regurgitate all the gaming rumors we've seen over the last few months:

  • Konami will announce two new Castlevania games at E3?
    But I'm still working on the first one! (And if anyone tells you they beat that original game, they are a liar. Unfriend them immediately.) [GameFreaks]

  • Star Fox / Metroid mashup called "Metroid Fusion" will be announced at E3?
    The name "Nostalgia Cash-Grab" was already taken by the above Castlevania games. [Paul Gale Network]

  • Wii will drop to $99 after E3?
    It's technically called the "we have a new model out, so we're gonna get what we can from these old units before you really don't want them no more" price. [GameRant]

  • Next-Gen Xbox Will Be Called Xbox 8?
    Is that enough of a name? I ask again: Is "8" enough?! [StickSkills]

  • Eminem to Appear in a Game for Nintendo's Wii U?
    I'm a little lazy today, so I'm just gonna go with a "would the real truth about this game please stand up, please stand up, please stand up?" and call it a day. [GoNintendo]

  • Were the Wii U Launch Titles Leaked?
    It's clear that Nintendo is courting the "serious gamer" with titles such as "Batman: Arkham City," "Assassin's Creed," and "Just Dance 4." Everyone knows that "serious gamers" play older titles and like to get down. [GoNintendo]

  • Kinect Play Fit Will Track Your Exercise on the Xbox?
    "Doc, I just don't understand how I could need more exercise! I mean, I get at least 30 minutes on the Xbox every day!" [The Verge]

  • Microsoft to Replace Zune Music with "Woodstock," a Spotify-like Streaming Service?
    "Woodstock" calls to mind so many positive musical images: Hippies covered in mud, bad LSD, and Snoopy's winged companion. It's really hard to decide which name is worse. (And that's coming from someone who loves what Zune is!) [The Verge]

  • Nintendo Working on Super Mario Bros. 4?
    Had you told me this back in 1990, I would have been excited. Haven't there been, like, a koopa-shell's worth of Mario Brother titles since then? What's the big deal? [IGN]

  • Microsoft Will "Further Monetize" Xbox Live?
    I'm guessing the meeting that led to this corporate directive lasted four days, required free lunches and coffee every day, and resulted in a stunning conclusion of, "Offer things they want to buy." The executives were then allowed to go home, receive bonus checks, and feel like they've made an impact in the world. Good job, corporate America! Keep doing what you do! [joystiq]

  • Wii U Will Cost No Less Than $300?
    Since the world is governed by Price Is Right rules, this rumor has more than a fair chance of being true. I'm going to guess $1. #Jerk [NeoSeeker]

  • Next-Gen Xbox Will Have a 16-Core CPU?
    Some of those cores will be used to power the next-gen Kinect, which will be so accurate it can distinguish individual fingers. Other cores will be used to monitor your always-on internet connection to make sure you're not a thief. Whatever's left over could be used for gaming, I guess. [SlashGear]

  • Next-Gen PlayStation Will Limit Used Game Play?
    Want to play an old title on your new device? You'll have to pony up some "unlock" cash. Yup. That sounds like a Sony-ish thing to do. (I have still not forgiven them for ATRAC.) [PCMag]

  • Next Rock Band Release Called "Rock Band Blitz"?
    In a startling departure from form, this game has you matching colored lights on-screen with your controller buttons to re-enact the bombing of London which took place from 1940 to 1941. Words used to be important, now they are just chosen because they sound good. Cellar door. [StickSkills]

  • PlayStation 4 Codenamed "Orbis"?
    "I call mine 'Roy.'" "Why, Dad?" "Because it's ORBIS, son!" (This scene will play out in exactly zero households.) [Huffington Post]

  • No Disc Drive in the Next-Gn Xbox?
    Right. This, coming from a company who still supports Windows BOB because it "can't alienate the consumer." [DigitalTrends]

  • Next-Gen Xbox Codenamed "Durango"?
    So macho! Will it also wears spurs, chaw, and drawl?
    OR, will it just be a crossover utility truck from Dodge with a cab forward design? [Ubergizmo]

  • Super Mario Land 3D Getting DLC Add-Ons?
    "Thank you, Mario! But our princess is in another castle ... which can be unlocked for 300 Nintendo Points." [VideoGameWriters]

  • Next-Gen Xbox Won't Play Used Games?
    They've built-in a "germophobe" chip into the console — you know, the same one I have that prevents me from reading a library book. [Kotaku]

  • The Wii U Will Have eReader Functionality?
    Though I wonder if people would really be as interested in reading books about plumbers? [GamingBlend]

  • Wii U Will Sell for $600?
    [No, I didn't forget to write something sarcastic. I'm just sitting here in shocked silence.][Complex]

  • Next-Gen Wii U Has Better Specs Than Xbox or PlayStation?
    Barely! And how can you compare the next-gen Wii to the last-gen Xbox and PS3? Also not news: The iPhone is a better calculator than the watch I used to wear in middle school! [PCMag]

  • Kinect 2 Will Read Your Lips?
    All the "no new taxes" jokes out of the way? Good. Still working on the "pod bay doors, HAL" jokes? I understand. Call me when you're done. [EuroGamer]

  • Resident Evil 6 Set in China?
    Ah! The final frontier of potentially racist stereotype characters has been reached. Where do you go from here, Capcom? Where do you go from here? [GamingBlend]

  • Grand Theft Auto 5's World Will Be Twice as Large as Red Dead Redemption's?
    That's the rumor, as told by SystemLink Multi. With twice as much useless landscape to travel through, the game will focus on the old parent-on-a-car-trip mantra, "half the fun is getting there." Rockstar thinks you'll appreciate the gun-violence more if you have to wait for it ... just like you appreciated Disney World more, after 12 hours in a car with no A/C.

  • Sony Developing Mood-Sensing Controllers?
    The Escapist says that the joysticks would monitor sweat levels, heart rate, and muscle tension and adjust your game-play accordingly. But will it also be able to anticipate a rage-quit and shut itself down, before you throw the controller across the room?

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I want to know if the new Xbox will run the same OS as Windows 8?  I also heard that windows 8 will be able to play new Xbox games and that they will support cross platform.  Oh please oh please oh please let that last one be true.

Will Valve come out with a console?  That would ROCK!