Rumor Roundup: Bigger iPhone 5 Screen? Zynga to Buy Draw Something?

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With all the continued talk and chatter over primary elections, we figure we'd give you more juicy things to gab about: Rumors! This week:

  • The iPhone 5 Will Have a 4.6" Screen?
    Since the current models have 3.5" displays, this new screen will have way more real estate. In fact, it'll be ... uh ... a2 + b2 = ... uh ... 1.1" bigger! Pythagoras is rolling over in his grave. (More like triangling over in his ... no? So I guess a high-five is out of the question, too?) [PCMag]

  • Zynga to Buy Draw Something?
    And if negotiations fall through, they could always just slap together their own version. (Maybe call it "Dream Something"?) [CNET]

  • The iPhone 5 Will Be 4G LTE Compatible?
    Fact 1: The new iPad has a 4G LTE antenna. Fact 2: Verizon has said, "All new phones on our network will be 4G LTE!" Fact 3: 4G LTE in the iPhone 5 can no longer be considered a rumor, so stop saying it is! (What you have to worry about is that Apple might delay the iPhone 5 until they can figure out 4G LTE in the iPhone! There, that oughtta keep you up at night.) [Apple Insider]

  • Windows 8 Tablets Coming in October?
    Drastically discounted in November. On clearance in December. And forgotten about in January. [Apple Insider]

  • Apple Readying a Spotify-like Music Subscription Service?
    This one was overheard at SXSW and repeated often. I know that I, personally, believe every piece of business-related news I hear while attending a multi-day music festival. Later that year, at Burning Man: "Honey! This guy says that the blue I see isn't the blue he sees! Call the press!" [SFGate]

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1 comment
I bet you an iphone 5 that the screen WILL NOT BE BIGGER (actual size bigger, not pixel bigger). Could you stand by your mouth???