Rumor Roundup: An Ovation for Batman? Fantastic Four 2? Some Tech Stuff?


When the Internet runs out of news, it starts making things up. We think this is funny, so we round up all the lies and speculation and put them here. We call it the "Rumor Roundup" and we do it all for you! This week:

Batman V Superman
  • Did the Preview Screening of Batman V. Superman Receive a Standing Ovation?
    That's not much to brag about; every movie I attend gets a standing ovation. Well, at least, people stand at the end of it. No, they don't clap, but they do stand, right before they file, silently, from the theater. Same thing, right? []

  • Will Star Wars: Battlefront Have Two Purchasable In-Game Micro-Payment Currencies?
    Only two?! Out of Galactic Credits, Druggats, Peggats, Truguts, Wupiupis, Aurodium ingots, and Nova crystals, which should they choose? Vote below! (Not really.) [Design & Trend]

Fantastic Four
  • Will There Still Be a Fantastic Four Sequel?
    While they're at it, they should re-hire Josh Trank. Let's all just keep making the same mistakes and hoping we get different results! [The Playlist]

  • Is Motorola Up for Sale Again?
    Not Motorola Mobility, which makes exciting smartphones, but Motorola Solutions. You know, the company that continues to make 2-way radios? Ok, look, it's not as exciting as Android news, but when you're trapped at the top of a stuck ferris wheel and the carnie running it needs to "call in" to his supervisor to bring over the wrench that's needed to loosen the stuck gears, you'll be glad Motorola Solutions still exists then! [Android Headlines]

Spider-Men Suits
  • Will Spider-Man Have Multiple Suits in Captain America: Civil War?
    One that looks like a kid designed it, one that looks slick and professional, and one light, summer-weight version... perhaps something in seersucker? Oh and a black one, for funerals. (The Venom suit?! Spoilers!) [Slash Film]

  • Will Xbox One Be Adding Backwards Compatibility for Select Older Games?
    Well done, Microsoft! You managed to get us all to believe that letting us play our old games is a gift bestowed unto us and not our right for, you know, supporting your system and paying $70 for each of those discs. [Attack of the Fanboy]

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