Rumor Roundup: A Photo From the iPhone 5? Thinner iPads? Google/Hulu?

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews Media Editor

In the stock market of life, rumors are the bad investments:

  • Was this photo taken with the iPhone 5?
    (See the photo to the right.) Well, Sushi is the kind of food iPhone users like, right?! [VentureBeat]
  • Dead Rising gets early release at Walmart?
    Got Game claims the game will hit Walmart shelves before any other retailer. Get ready to fight half-dead people meandering around aimlessly ... and then go home and play "Dead Rising". (HashTag: LazySocialCommentary)
  • AOL and Yahoo! in merger talks?
    This sounds like when two over-the-hill bands decide to go on tour together to rekindle the glory days, only to wind up playing state fairs and people's back yards. "Hello, Backwoods, Iowa! Are you ready to IM?!?!" [ZDNet]
  • Apple to finally add USB 3.0 ports to their computers?
    The assumption, says PC Mag, is not that Apple would replace the Thunderbolt port with USB 3.0 ports, but that both ports will be given space on each computer. Why leave the Thunderbolt port at all? Why, for future laughs when someone points to it and says, "Remember that failure?! BWA-HAHAHA!" of course! (And then the other people receive the joke with blank stares and head-scratches.)
  • Blu-ray add-on coming to the Xbox 360?
    Is it time for this rumor again? Game Revolution thinks so! Sure, Blu-ray "won" the "format war" but they came home to find that the people they were fighting for found out about streaming content and abandoned them. Xbox offers streaming content, already. So, adding a Blu-ray is like adding a floppy drive to a new computer "just in case".
  • New iPad batteries will be thinner, lighter, and safer?
    Apple Insider claims the space could be freed up for faster processors, better screens, or even more batteries. As an aside, the batteries will now adhere to a stricter safety protocol. After all that, mainstream news' take-away will be: "Current iPad Batteries Unsafe! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"
  • Google prepared to out-bid everyone else for Hulu?
    All Things D tells us that Google is ready to offer more than anyone else for Hulu, but that they want the online video service to offer more than they're selling. So, like, Google waltzed in and said, "You want a billion-five for Hulu? Ok ... So if we give you two billion, what do we get?" I didn't know you could "Supersize" your acquisitions.
  • "X-Files 3" coming to theaters in 2012?
    I want to believe. (That I didn't actually just make that joke! TSK!) [We Got This Covered]

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. The "X-Files" theme song has been stuck in his head since 1993. Hear all about his Ohrwurms (lit. "earworms") on Twitter or his blog.
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Yup I'm suffering from Terminal Nerdness
you're crazy! lol
OK maybe I'm nuts but the Sushi looks like binary code for the iPhone 5 release date.  Looks like either 11/7/11 or 11/14/11 depending on how you interpret the last 2 rows of sushi.  Does anyone see what I see?