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Right Now Is a Terrible Time to Buy an iPhone

If you can wait until February, the iPhone 7 could cost as little as $300.
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Just got a 32gb i-phone 6 for $200.00 at Best Buy.
"Right Now Is a Terrible Time to Buy an iPhone"

One hopes you didn't hurt yourself coming up with this story topic and headline.

Way too expensive!
This year, there are a lot of motivations to hold up. The iPhone 6s, while a decent telephone, neglected to address a portion of the greatest objections we have about our cell phones most eminently battery life. Meanwhile, Samsung discharged the Galaxy S7, the best telephone equipment you can purchase at this moment. It has the camera to beat and can survive a dunk in the pool.

Worth noting that through the end of August, Virgin Mobile is giving a full year of unlimited talk, text & data for $1 with the purchase of a new iphone (it's $50/month after that). So you're saving at least $600 over the next 12 months on service which you can deduct from the phone price which brings the effective price of a new iphone 7 to $149 before tax. Coverage is Sprint network and not as good as Verizon, but it's much less than the $100/mo I pay for Verizon as well.
Chin Kong
Integration and quality software.

Otherwise, the platform isn't lovable, and I've tried them most (Meego, WindowsPhone, Android).

Hopefully Apple will get upgrades the others have had for years (screen tech, better cameras, Xenon flash, tap-to-wake, Qi charging and so on)
Yawn. Every August, DealNews runs an article saying "now is a bad time to buy an iPhone." Right. Because Apple typically announces the new models later in the fall.
After ten months of owning an iPhone, I kind of think anytime is the wrong time to buy an iPhone. I know the iPhone is a good phone, I just don't like it (personal opinion). I own Mac-Mini and Apple TV, the integration is not really that much better than when I was on an old Samsung.

This fall, I am going to sell my iPhone and purchase a Pixel 2.
Latest iPhone almost always get a $100 discount around Black Friday from Best Buy with a new contract on the big 3, that's one more reason to hang in there.
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