Our 'House of Cards: Season 2' Saving Game

We came up with a fun way to use the return of House of Cards' to trick yourself into saving money.
House of Cards

We love House of Cards around here, so in anticipation of the February 14 release of Season 2, we wanted to put together a game everyone could play while binge-watching. Due to the number of episodes in a season, it's probably not safe to play a drinking game, so we came up with a House of Cards saving game instead!

Here's how you play: Grab a Mason jar, bucket, or some other receptacle, and a wad of cash. (Perhaps the money you would have spent on beer and shots?) Fire up Netflix, and get comfy. Whenever one of the events below occurs, put the prescribed amount of money in your jar. Note that many of these events are subjective; we suggest you play with others and argue about whether Claire really made someone feel insecure, or if the President is genuinely baffled. Feel free to adapt the game however you'd like, substituting your currency of choice. Let the games begin!

Put $1 in a Jar Every Time ...

  • Frank speaks to the audience
  • Frank works out
  • Frank plays video games
  • an Apple product is shown
  • someone communicates via text message, email, etc.
  • someone is shown drinking alcohol
  • someone cheats on their significant other (put in $2 if it's Frank and Zoe)
  • The President has no idea what's going on
  • Janine says something salty
  • someone brings up Peter Russo

Put $5 in a Jar Every Time ...

  • Frank goes for ribs
  • Claire makes someone feel insecure or bad about themselves
  • Claire reminds Frank that she has a job, too
  • Zoe is put down by another journalist
  • Remy offers a difficult bargain

Put $10 in a Jar Every Time ...

  • someone is fired
  • Doug removes a threat to Frank
  • Frank's bodyguard fails at bodyguarding
  • Rachel Posner forgets that she is no longer a lady of the night
  • Frank kills something/someone

To test out our game, we used the rules above to calculate how much you could save by watching the Season 2 trailer. With a little creative inference, we've got $37 in our jar already — not bad for a little over two minutes of viewing! Our game can be applied to the first season, too, so feel free to double-up. Be sure to share your House of Cards savings in the comments below. Happy watching!

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William Lau (DealNews)
I saved $15-$20 in the first two episodes.
Thankfully, my hi end matched 310W soundbar/subwoofer for the brand new big screen 55" 3D LED is arriving tom, Feb 14..just in time for me/gf's Pres Day long weekend House of Cards S2 marathon...lol.