"On Our 20th Anniversary, I Can't Thank Our Readers Enough"

But we need your help to make DealNews everyone's ultimate happy place for years to come.
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I can hardly believe it, but DealNews is 20 years old. We've been around for the same number of years as South Park ("WhatwhatWHAT?") and Harry Potter.

When I look back at where DealNews started, I'm in awe of how far we've come. I started dealmac in 1997 with my friend since middle school, Richard Moss, and we had a pretty simple goal in mind: to find and share Mac deals with other Apple fanboys like us. We were excited to show the world that you didn't have to pay full price.

In 1997, we were excited to show the world that you didn't have to pay full price... and we still get just as excited to discover an awesome deal today as we did 20 years ago.

Since then, Apple has certainly changed, but in a way, DealNews hasn't. We still get just as excited to discover an awesome deal as we did 20 years ago. But now, our deal sleuthing has expanded beyond Apple, to include everything from PCs to TVs to shoes to blenders — and beyond.

Our team has grown, too. We span multiple time zones, with offices on two continents, and we've even raised dozens of dealbabies — including my two sons, one of whom just had to enter this world one week before Black Friday.

At the heart of it, there's one reason why we've become the company we are today — and that's the devoted support of our fellow deal-shoppers. Readers, you are the reason we made it to 20, and you're the reason we'll make it to 40 and beyond.

We need your help: Tell us what you like. Tell us what you don't like. And tell us what, in your wildest dreams, you'd like DealNews to become.

So in our 20th year, we want you all to see, in the very fiber of DealNews, how much we love what we do; how much we adore our readers; and how much we value your feedback and opinions. We want to take this relationship to the next level. And we need your help.

The best way to improve our site so that it better serves you is to get your input. We want to hear from you, now and throughout the year. Tell us what you like. Tell us what you don't like. And tell us what, in your wildest dreams, you'd like DealNews to become.

If you're on Twitter, you can message me directly at @degrandpre. You can also leave your thoughts on this article in the comment section below, or send us an email at letters@dealnews.com. And if you don't have anything to say now, no worries. We'll be making more requests for your feedback over the coming months as well.

Thank you for making this an amazing 20 years. We're committed to making DealNews your ultimate happy place, for another 20 years to come!

Dan de Grandpre


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The Oracle (DealNews)
@Robins - The slide-out will stay collapsed after you click the "X" in the upper right corner. (Unless your browser clears cookies.)
When I use the search feature for, say, amazon...the search pulls up all the coupons applicable to amazon...not the deals. Have to scroll all the way to the bottom to the (small) "find all amazon deals" I'm usually looking to pad my order to get free shipping, not for coupons. Can you move the "find the deals" button to the top?
I used to like this site until you put up the stinking 20 Anniversary sweepstakes banner that covers the deals. So fed up, I leave site whenever it appears. Please get rid of it so I can enjoy your deals once again.
I'd like to see a way to collapse or remove a section. For example I don't buy Clothes online and I'd like to be able to skip that entire section.

Also I do not like using your App and therefore I don't use the app. Why not just make it like the web site. Where i select a category and the are listed.
I would like to be able to view open deals but apply small built in filters that stick. So that I can exclude certain stores or categories that I'm not interested in (like I don't/won't shop at Walmart - don't want to see any deals from there)
Thank you for revolutionizing the way retail deals, and consumer information are presented online for everyone to learn and take advantage of......
This has been a Godsend to many people who are bargain hunters and deal seekers like me. Your site made countless customers very happy with the sense that they could save so much, also many online business owners that they could get so many visitors! I would have never bought 5 laptops and 10 hard-drives for myself if it were not for your site!
Please include deals on services like AC, plumbing etc.
Great Site and deals!!!

My Top 5 ideas:

1) Restrictive deals, i.e., coupon codes only good for very limited number of items from the largest online retailers

2) Deals where the item is not in stock for immediate shipping or shipping that will come from China and take 4 - 7 weeks

3) Sponsored deals - please stop these unless they are truly a deal vs. paid advertising

4) Do non post the same deals over and over again (these are not really deals if they are always having a sale). For example, Macy's is always having a 40% off sale - the law states this is no longer a sale but rather deceptive advertising.

5) When readers report an error - pull the deal quickly. Often times, you waste time trying to get a deal that is no longer offered and go back to Deal News to post a comment about the deal ending and see a string of comments time stamped for hours and hours that the deal was over. :(

Thank you for all you do!
a 'new deals since your last visit' wouldn't hurt, so when you refresh the page you know what new items to monitor.

Please bring the "time" back to each deal so I know how far to scroll back when monitoring the site. Thanks.
I hope you provide some nice rewards, benefits, and live-able wages to your writers. Love the site. =)
Been a follower since the beginning, back when I was still rocking my PowerComputing PowerTowerPro... lol Thanks for a great 20 years! Love this site, and I keep telling my friends about it. :)
Congratulations! In another year, you will be able to buy (or at least list good deals on) alcohol!
Thank you so much for being a staple in my life for the past 15 years. Dealnews is a daily site for me and one that the second I hit the "d" key, my browser auto populates to dealnews.com. I'll never forget giving a speech in high school about Dealnews circa 2005 and within days the entire class was addicted. No money to spend but ADDICTED! Congratulations on 20 years!
Thx for posting on the timestamp of listings. I was missing it too, use it all the time. Glad it is not gone.
The Oracle (DealNews)
The deals should be showing the last verified times. However, we are working to correct an issue with the "large" and "medium" views not showing the times in some browsers. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Thank you DN. I'm glad to hear of your years of success. As for feedback. Saving a $3 on a $40 item isn't what I might call a deal. I'd like to see those types of posts skipped. Also rebates. I believe many might agree that rebates are not worth the trouble. People's' time is worth more than the rebates and of course that is what the manufacturers are hoping for. For that reason I feel they aren't a 'Deal'.

The ability to directly reply to another users comment and the ability to edit your own comments would be wonderful addition.

Maybe take these feedback posts and put up a poll to see what is important to others.
Solution to no timestamp: As soon as I see a deal that LOOKS familiar, close the page. Done with Dealnews for the day. Is that what you want?
I second the 'not happy' about the missing timestamps!!!!
So are the missing timestamps on the front page part of your "celebration"? Ugh.
Deal news has helped me to save a ton of money, as well as to become the Deal Guy whenever someone is shopping for something. Thanks for all your hard work.

If I could add a feature to dealnews, it would be a deal request section where I could tell you what I was shopping for and you guys would alert me when a deal on the item came up.
congrats , Deal News !!! U R my 2nd stop every morning, after news....Dotty
I have been coming here since 2002 and can't imagine a world where I am not as informed of a consumer as I am today and much of that is due to Dealnews!

You have certainly helped fill my spaces with so many things I never realized I needed!
Matt Knotts
I do LOVE this site and typically check it daily. I have saved a TON on some really great items. Occasionally there will be an item posted that is incorrect or unavailable but 95% of the time the deals are legitimate and very very good. Thank you and keep up the good work!
I'm a fan! DealNews saved me a lot of money ~
Dealnews is my go to spot for large purchases. I've saved myself and clients (I'm a computer consultant) thousands of dollars over the years. For satisficers (see "The Paradox of Choice"), dealnews is an amazing resource. The only change I would ask for is more customisation. (The Dell members/family links, for instance, are of no use to me so I'd love to be able to filter them.)
This is one of my favorite links. It has opened many doors for us.
Thanks for your energy, flexibility, and empathy
Personally I would love more travel deals -- but having come here for over 15 years, I love DealNews for it's consistency. I feel that you guys take care of us. Thank you!
I am an addict. I look at DealNews daily. Discounts for Seniors would be a good category.
Congratulations! I saved hundreds of dollars using DealNews. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Congratulations on the 20th anniversary.I have know Dealnews for about 2 years and since time it has saved me loads of dollars on computers, phones and automotive parts.Thank you
I hate dealnews! This site saves me $$$$$ and I like to overspend!
dealnews is my go to site for great deals, bargains, sales, promo codes, coupons, etc. The list goes on and on. Im a big fan and have recommended this site to so many friends and family. I think you're doing a great job and I have not found much room for improvement. I look forward to my daily email filled with fantastic deals. I find myself visiting the site throughout the day on my phone, iPad, desktop. dealnews has made my online shopping experience so much more fun, i get so excited when I get something I want for a lower price. Thank you to everyone who works so hard at dealnews finding the best deals out there, its much appreciated.
I like about everything, but I am 78 years young and think dealnews is the best. one thing I would like to see is something where I can put in on dealnews where I want to but a Item and want the best price. If a lot of people put in a item they want to buy then maybe a company would make a best deal on this item. I use camel camel camel for this on Amazon and it works great but you can use it for only amazon. Keep up the great work on this site.
Dealnews outshines all bargain sites!!
Keep up the great work, I literally look here almost everyday! and have been for over 10 years!
The reality is that I miss dealmac. Just sayin'.
Betty C (DealNews)
Great to see comments from our loyal readers and thank you for your support!
Congratulations!!! on 20.
I remember back in the day when your offices were in Perimeter Plaza then on Zierdt Rd.
I don't wear promo t-shirts ever...except yours. I was always proud to promote a homegrown company like yours. Feel free to send a new one ;)
Thank for being there all these years.
Most of my Christmas shopping every year is done through DealNews.
BTW: The Dean & Rog Show on 106.9 The Eagle is also celebrating their 20th year on the air today. You should try write them on their website/facebook/twitter to get a little exposure in the Houston area.
This is my first stop for all my online shopping! Congratulations on a 20 year strong service!
Great Job! When I need to buy an item I come to Dealnews first, if I can't find it here then I Google it.
Love this site. I visit every day and have been for over 10 years. Keep up the good work and good luck with the future years to come.
Very nice site. Been looking at your deal posts for years now. In fact, I check out your site almost daily. When you say that this is the lowest price you have seen, I know it's a good price. The one thing I noticed is you post a lot of deals from Walmart. In my opinion, too many. Plus almost all posts from Walmart require going to the store to pick up the item. I am buying online for the convenience of not going to the store. Thanks, and other than that, keep up the good work.
Your site is my go to site. I check it out several times a day and when I need something it is the first place I go to look. My friends all know your site because I am always telling them what I saw on your site. Dealnews is the GREATEST

Bob P.
You guys/gals are the best! Congrats on 20 years!
I've visited your site several times a day for years. I love Dealnews, but you run 17 Scripts on your site with 2 that are mandatory to make it work: dlnws.com & dealnews.com. I disable the 15 others because I don't like targeted ads, and too many scripts slow me down. Recently your site's external links stopped working and I suspect that it's because you added another mandatory script. You are smart people, you know we don't like to be tracked. We are smart people, we know you need advertising revenue. I guess I'll find and run the new script(s), because your pros outweigh the cons..... However, we need to talk about that DAMN POPUP that appears halfway down the page. It's not only a constant irritation that makes me swear each time I have to close it, but it is very difficult to close on mobile devices. Please just be happy with people coming to your site for your good deals, and stop harassing us. You guys are above those irritating cheap tricks.
I remember checking DealRam after finding out about it on the local computer radio show on public radio. Radio show long gone, but not Dealnews. Saving me money for a long time.
I have been a loyal dealnews advocate since 2004. I found out about your wonderful site via boingboing back when they did a "tech deal of the day". I realized half the time I would be sent to dealnews so I would just go there as part of morning internet ritual and of course my evening browsing as well. It is perhaps the most consistently great site I go to. Please resist the notion that you must tweak too much. Websites can evolve too much... I actually like the familiar format and appreciate your efforts and work. Keep it up!
I disagree that a large volume of negative comments about a listing would be considered spam. Wouldn't you consider that the item listed is misleading, junk, of poor quality or not at all a deal or from a dishonest seller. I would think you would consider a lot of negative comments from your viewers helpful, not spam. and that you should consider not listing that item anymore, or no listings from that seller like you did with Tiger Direct. You acted positively with all those negative comments. you didn't just dismiss them as just spam.

Now the positive. I have been using dealnews since about 2007. I am glad you and the crew of staffers keep this site running. I go nowhere else to look for deals, Just here. Thank You very much.
So much for dealmac, eh? ;-)
This is the first website I check every day. Have been for years now.
I would love to see more attention paid to free music & apps, and perhaps markets like Alibaba and Microcenter (we Denverites shake our collective fist at Fry's!)?
Keep it up. Don't change.
CONGRATULATIONS! Fan and user from the start! My first stop for almost anything I need!
Congratulations! 20 year ? I'm a daily reader maybe just last 5 years. I'm not sure how the "star" works but that's important. Why filter comments?
The Oracle (DealNews)
@jb_mn - Large volume of repeated complaints on a deal or vendor in a short time are considered spam. Comments are automatically held for moderation once they reach a certain spam level. Future approved comments will remove the moderation hold.
To echo another on here, I think it would be great to have a default filter for each user.

While searching is great, being able to eliminate certain categories, dollar amounts, prime-only, region-specific, vendors, etc... would be great.

That being said....congrats on stellar work and Kudos on longevity.
As for suggestions, I have always want to block/dislike certain things. I NEVER want to see nor would I be interested in certain things. Off top of my head, female clothing. I would like the search/results
I love Deal News and visit daily. I can't really say much bad about the great deals. I do have ONE negative. If you say ANYTHING negative in comments (even if it's true) you can expect to have all future posts moderated--That's the one thing I hate about Deal News and it's mod team! With that said--BEST WISHES for another 20 years of happy shopping!
Frankly, I buy way more stuff than I otherwise would because of this site. So when your advertisers/sponsors question the value they get out of this site, send them to me!
Been a favorite site and better than the rest. Thanks.
I love you just the way you are !
A day doesn't pass that I don't drop by for a visit. Thanks for all that you all do to help me save a few bucks! :)
I have been a loyal DealMac reader from the beginning. You have saved me thousands of dollars. Thank you!
Change is not always better. I like the series of dots you have for rating deals, and I like the way you indicate if the price has been seen at a lower figure (or not) in the past. I also like that you added letting readers make comments. I'm a long-term fan. Please keep it the way it is, and congrats on 20 years...it's almost the same as my wedding anniversary!
I think that your long term success means you don't have to change anything. Just keep up with technology. Heres to another 20. Good luck
bring back the podcast. it was a great tool for better understanding trends.
Dealnews has long been one of my daily must-go-to sites. In testament to your influence, I have adopted your phraseology, "Of note," in my business communications. I've been with you since dealmac and my best suggestion is, if there was any way to encourage or increase the comments (because right now there are very few), you could take over some of the space that slickdeals occupies. Go for it!
Congratulations. I feel like (might have been) I've been 'here' all 20 years.