Is T-Mobile Right? Is 'Data Stash' Really Cooler Than 'Rollover'?

The debate over cellular-plan terminology rages on.

T-Mobile had another one of its "Uncarrier" events this week, during which it announced a fancy new feature; starting in January, users can save any unused data and transfer it to the following month. Additionally, users who have at least a 3GB data plan for their phone (or 1GB for tablets) will bank 10GB of free data to celebrate the introduction of the plan.

T-Mobile is calling this new feature "Data Stash," although you might be tempted to call it "rollover" data; in fact, you might wonder why T-Mobile didn't go for that more natural terminology. But as CNET points out, the company can't use the word "rollover." AT&T actually owns the rights to the term, from when the now-absorbed Cingular introduced the concept of rollover minutes. (An AT&T spokesperson said they "own equity in rollover.")

In typical T-Mobile fashion, CEO John Legere was prepared with a searing retort for anyone who introduced the rollover vs. stash debate. "'Stash' is cooler," he claims. "'Rollover' is such a 1980s term." That's clearly a burn, since everyone knows 90's nostalgia is currently the rage.

This leads us to the very amusing question: Which is cooler, rollover or stash? Please vote below to help us put an end to this dispute.

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All carriers have that small print. It's there so that they can cover their ass in case a customer is abusing the plan by using it to download large quantities of movies which is not what the service is designed for, not too mention illegal. Also, The data (internet access) is unlimited but any plans with data stash don't have unlimited 4g access. If they did the data stash feature would be redundant and unnecessary. And yes the 2 for a hundred deal is better than data stash but impractical for individual subscribers. Also, that won't last for long as it's a limited time promotional offer. Once it's gone unlimited 4g for two people will be $140 again. And finally, the individual $50 plan does not qualify for the days stash feature. You must have at least the 3 gb plan which is $60, not $50. Just thought I'd clear all that up for everyone :)
"Rollover" sounds like something to say to your dog... Or ,...well you know.. Lol
With any carrier... I mean ANY carrier... you always need to check the fine print. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably comes with a catch. Here's one of T-Mobile's "catches" from the fine print section on their website:

"Network Management: Service may be slowed, suspended, terminated, or restricted for misuse, abnormal use, interference with our network or ability to provide quality service to other users, or significant roaming. LTE is a trademark of ETSI"

So it's totally within their discretion to define, modify or even terminate "unlimited" service.
T-mobile also started a plan for $100.00,on 2 lines, with UNLIMITED talk, text, and 4G data. No throttling, no 3G, or lower, after your data limit, just pure high speed data all the time and for the same price as their "stash".

I am not a salesman for, nor am I compensated by, T-mobile, just a consumer who called in to check if my plan included the "stash".