How to Get a Deal on the New iPhone XS

Carriers already have enticing promotions, from $700-off deals to trade-in offers. Just make sure you read up on the requirements.
iPhone XS

Apple recently announced its latest lineup of iPhones, and if you can't wait to get one, we have good news! Select retailers and wireless carriers are already offering deals on these shiny new devices. If you want the latest Apple tech, here's where to shop to save hundreds!

Snag an iPhone XS for $0 Per Month

Sprint is offering an iPhone XS 64GB for $0 per month. That's a pretty excellent deal, considering Apple announced the new iPhones very recently. You'll have to sign up for a Sprint Flex 18-month lease and trade in an eligible phone, as well as start a new line and meet credit approval. Once you qualify, you'll receive a $41.67 credit per month that begins within two billing cycles.

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Prefer the iPhone XS Max? You can opt for a 64GB model for only $4.17 per month with the same requirements.

Buy One iPhone XS and Get $700 Off Another

Considering preorders for the latest iPhones just began on September 14, it's surprising to already see a buy one, get one offer. But promotions from both AT&T and Verizon let you save $700 on a new iPhone when you buy an iPhone XS.

AT&T requires a new line, and it stipulates that customers can buy an iPhone XS or XS Max priced up to $1,449.99 on an AT&T Next or AT&T Next Every Year installment agreement. In return, they'll receive up to $700 in credits toward the purchase of another iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. Note that tax on both devices is due in full at the time of purchase.

If you buy an iPhone XS through AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile, you can save $700 on a second iPhone.

Not looking for the latest iPhones? The offer also applies to last year's models: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

Verizon offers practically the same deal and requires a new line, as well. Customers will receive a credit of $29.16 per month over the course of 24 months. However, note that it'll take one to two billing cycles until you start getting the credit. Like AT&T's promo, this offer is also good for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

Don't need two new iPhones? Verizon also offers at least $100 when you trade in select iPhones and Android phones. If the market value is higher than $100, you'll receive that amount for your old device instead. Whatever amount you receive will be put toward an eligible iPhone purchase — iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus — and you'll get that amount in small monthly credits on your bill. As with the other offer, you'll begin seeing credits in one to two billing cycles.

Save Up to $300 With an Eligible Trade-In

T-Mobile is offering up to $300 off a new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max when you trade in an eligible older iPhone. Once you buy the new iPhone on a monthly plan, you'll receive credits of up to $12.50 per month for 24 months. As is the case with other carriers, these credits will appear in one to two billing cycles after your device ships.

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Like the Verizon and AT&T deals, this T-Mobile offer also applies to last year's iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. Taxes on the pre-credit price are due at the time of purchase.

As a second deal, T-Mobile has joined those other carriers in offering up to $700 off a new iPhone when you buy another iPhone. Eligible devices include the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. You'll need to buy the two phones on a monthly payment plan, add a new line, and have qualifying credit, and you'll get the $700 as monthly bill credits over 24 months.

Trade In and Get a $275 Best Buy Gift Card

If you're shopping for an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max at Best Buy, you can receive a gift card worth up to $275 when you trade in an eligible phone. Taking advantage of this offer requires credit approval, a qualifying device, and an installment plan with your selected carrier. Eligible devices include iPhone 7 and newer models. This offer is available in-store only.

Readers, will you use one of these offers to snag an iPhone XS now? Or will you wait for the price to drop? Let us know in the comments below!

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These deals are great if you plan on keeping your phone for 2+ years. If you want to upgrade next year, you will be forced to pay off the full balance which wipes out the $700 discount. Please read the fine print with these deals. Maybe I missed in this article but with Verizon, you have to purchase the 256gb model in order to receive the $700 discount. That is important to know. So $1249 - $700 = $549 for the device. You can't however call Verizon and say you want to pay off the $549 you still owe on the phone. They will cancel the deal and you will pay the full $1249. The folks in the stores may tell you differently. I know because I experienced this with Verizon when i bought the iPhone X via a trade in program. The person in the store said i could call at anytime and pay the $650 balance on my iPhone X. When I called 3 months later, Verizon said it can't be done because I will stop receiving bill credits and will have to pay the full price of the phone.
I hope there's a way to share this post with other people. Can you guys add that function?
@psychobillyman My money my choice.
@joe1512 If you're upgrading, why do you need both the old and new? Seems greedy.
@dgadd001 You don't have to buy a new phone just because one is available. Keep your 6S forever. No one's stopping you. I still have a working, usable 4S.
@mackie123 Yes! Always buy from Apple and only the unlocked one.
I just updated my 5 year old 6 to the new IOS and it resulted in an extra gb of free space. I'm planning to get an XR this year but you can't really say Apple is prematurely forcing obsolescence.
By the balls they have you. Buy never, a new phone from a carrier.

I guess Apple will stop updating my 6S plus to try to force a new phone on me sooner than later. The never ending expense of this is a perpetual black hole.
Notice the catch in all these deals.... trade in your expensive last year or two's model.
Just say NO to overpriced phones. A fool and his money are soon parted.