Here's Why You Should Buy Avocados NOW

Thanks to a higher supply and lower prices, this tasty fruit is back on the menu.
avocados are cheaper

Avocados are a trendy food. They're being slathered on toast, blended into smoothies, and of course mashed into guacamole. As we've noted before, though, the fatty green fruit has grown more expensive in recent years.

Despite what a handful of articles seem to suggest, the price increases aren't based solely on millennials' fascination with avocado toast. Aside from high demand, rising costs on this snacking favorite are often based on limited supply or buying outside of the growing season. Fortunately, now our luck seems to be changing.

Growing Season Is Here

A large part of the U.S. avocado supply comes from California, which has a growing season lasting from March to July or August. This means early summer is a great time to stock up on these tasty fruits. Last year's California crop was low — down 44% from 2016. The lower supply ended up being a big part of why avocados were more expensive last summer.

Avocados are about 17% cheaper at retail outlets compared to last year.

But 2018 is a different story. Around this time of year, avocados should be relatively affordable. And compared to early May of last year, avocados are 25% cheaper when buying wholesale. Plus, if you look at avocado prices from late March of this year and those from the same period last year, the 2018 avocados cost 17% less at retail outlets.

Avocados Are on the Menu

With a higher supply and lower prices, plenty of restaurants are taking advantage. Now is an excellent time to fill up on all your avocado-topped favorites. Starbucks has put an avocado spread on its permanent menu, and Chili's has added the fruit to one of its burgers. Even fast food restaurants are cashing in on the trend. Wendy's recently released a southwest avocado chicken salad and sandwich to cater to fans.

Prices Should Go Up in a Few Months

Odds are, prices will creep upwards the closer we draw to the end of summer. Since avocado season can last as long as August, we might not see huge increases then, but by September, prices will likely be going up again. While that might make it sound like guacamole is off the menu for your fall tailgate parties, that's not the case. Consider stocking up on avocados now and freezing them for later.

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However, be aware that freezing can affect their texture, just like when you freeze other fruits. Though the thought of a strange texture might be off-putting, the good news is you can blend thawed avocados into guacamole and other dishes. The texture won't be an issue then, and you can enjoy delicious, fresh-tasting guacamole well into November.

Readers, will you be buying more avocados? What's your favorite way to enjoy the buttery green fruit? Let us know in the comments below!

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I LOVE avocados, and just made curry avocado toast with an egg on top for breakfast. Yummy!!!
That's awesome to know that avocados are 17% cheaper compared to last year! That is a great DEAL that I am happy to learn about! Also a great piece of NEWS to know that this is the best time of the year to buy them!
michael bonebright (DealNews)
Hey folks!

As we say in the article, avocados can be bought in bulk and then frozen. As with any fruit, freezing can affect their texture -- so it's best to puree them. You can also extend the life of avocados in the short term by not putting them into the fridge until they're fully ripe.

At the very least, we wanted to let everyone know that, for varying reasons, a trendy food is pretty affordable right now. Go out and enjoy some avocados while they're cheap! (Have a few for me -- I don't really like avocados.)

Thanks for reading,
Since when did Avocados become trendy? It's pretty hard to "stock up" on a product that last a couple of days.
Avocados are nice. But how do you stock up on delicate fruit like avocados? Even in the refrigerator they don't last for long.