Here's Why We'll Be Listing GearBest Deals Again

The store has promised better customer service, but we're wading in cautiously.
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Here at DealNews, our duty to our readers is to provide only the best deals from the most reliable vendors. That's why we stopped listing GearBest offers earlier this year, when we started receiving complaints about the company. But recently, we decided to take it one step further.

Our team negotiated better customer service with the store, so that our readers can still take advantage of the brand's deals without the risk of a poor experience. GearBest agreed to some changes, which we've outlined below, along with the history of our readers' disputes.

Many GearBest Customers Had No Problems...

For several months, we listed deals from GearBest with very few complaints. We had many readers who ordered from them and had no issues except for a delayed shipping or arrival time. However, these issues were routinely noted in our deals from GearBest; in our editors' eyes, a long shipping time seemed like a reasonable tradeoff for good prices on lesser-known, but well-reviewed, tech brands from China. This is a commonplace policy we employ for some vendors on eBay or Amazon Marketplace.

But Complaints Began to Intensify in Recent Months

In January and February, we began receiving comments from readers saying they'd seen GearBest's BBB score drop. At that time, complaints about the company to us had not changed — we still weren't seeing any significant problems regarding orders placed from our deals.

Unfortunately though, our readers began experiencing trouble with GearBest deals. In mid-April, we received numerous formal complaints about shipping issues, return issues, and items arriving broken, among other things. The volume of these negative complaints led us to stop listing GearBest deals in early May. We wanted to investigate the situation further.

A Better Plan for Customer Service

Our team reached out to GearBest to troubleshoot how the company can better address customer service issues. A representative from the company assured us it will tend to all complaints from our readers, and — as of this writing — the store has resolved all formal complaints that we had received and forwarded to the company.

The store has provided us with two direct contacts that we will forward complaints to via Through that email, a shopper can speak with a GearBest representative, and DealNews will simultaneously be alerted to the issue.

But for readers who didn't log their complaint with DealNews, or for future problems, GearBest agreed to open a channel for better customer service. The store has provided us with two direct contacts that we will forward complaints to via the following address: Through that email, a shopper can speak with a GearBest representative, and DealNews will simultaneously be alerted to the issue. (Additionally, readers can always log a concern at our complaints page.)

If a reader receives a faulty item, GearBest has assured us it will provide a full refund. Moreover, the order department will resolve all lost package issues.

We're Listing Deals Again, But We're Being Cautious

With this plan in place, DealNews has decided to start listing GearBest deals again. However, rest assured that we'll be closely monitoring the above email account, to ensure that this arrangement works for our readers. Moreover, we're going to start by only listing deals with sufficient stock and shorter delivery times; GearBest recently launched a new in-stock function that will reportedly indicate the ship time to customers.

So while we are cautiously recommending GearBest for deals again, we plan to reevaluate this policy if we see another increase in complaints. We ask that our readers keep us fully aware of all concerns during this time. You can share your thoughts in the comments below, send us a message via our complaints page, or reach out directly with the aforementioned email address.

Julie Ramhold
Senior Staff Writer/Consumer Analyst

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Doesn't sound like everything's fixed yet based on the comments below
Thank you w1_m2, I knew i could not be the only one..
I have had exactly the same experience as n_moritz. I am writing this note to let him know it's not just him. I don't trust Gearbest. Fool me once...
Alice from Gearbest, I got the email and replied this morning, and as I CLEARLY stated before (but for some reason you choose to disregard), I have spoken with my CC company and your CC transaction from me (5 attempts over multiple days) were NEVER even submitted to them, not even once. Please remove/delete any personal information you have of mine. ASAP. Your refusal (over and over and over) to actually address the real issue here (bait and switch payment options) speaks clearly to me that you aren't a company I am willing to do business with. N
@ n_moritz
Dear n_moritz,
Nice day ! I hope you are well !
I'm so sorry about all this back-and-forth.
Personally, i think there are some misunderstandings.
Could you please kindly check your email message again ?
I replied to you once more after i looked into your case again.
Just as i mentioned before, i will try my best to resolve the issues to our customer's satisfaction
Best regards,
Gearbest, so your only option is "there is an alternative method of payment"? Please stop insulting me and read my complaint again. I am frustrated with the fact you very clearly state a regular CC can be used, I submit payment on your site multiple times (5 to be exact). Then I am denied on your site, and then I am suggested I can just pay to pay another way. Over and over and over. I have contacted chase and you never even submitted the request of payment on my card, that's a fact. You need not reply any more, I am done with your runaround, there are tons of other places I can buy the same stuff, that do take my cards and aren't deceptive as your company is. Thank you for wasting more of my time not actually addressing the problem here.. N
@ n_moritz

Dear n_moritz,

Could you please kindly check your email message ?
I have already given you a reply and worked out some solutions there.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. i will try my best to resolve the issue to your satisfaction

Best regards,
Anthony, thanks for you concern, my bank is not the one denying the purchase, they told me the request never even came through. It's the gearbest website, that's why i have an issue with them. I have no problems with other international orders from other sites on the same card, been doing it for years.

Has anyone else had success is just doing a standard CC purchase there? (no paypal). Just curious..

Thanks for all you help folks @ Dealnews too!
Anthony S Jennings
Just wanted to note that if your bank has received numerous complaints about a business, or suspects fraud, they will deny a credit card charge out of caution.

If the purchase you want to make is legitimate, you can phone your bank and let them know it's really you that is trying to make the purchase, and they will flag your account to let purchases from that business go through.

Hi SmallTownTGuy,
This is Alice from gearbest deals team.
We sincerely apologize to you for all the inconvenience that caused.
Could you pls send me your order number for checking and let me help you figure out the whole thing?
You can contact me at
My order from April never arrived.
They promised a credit & to ship the same item again.
The last email 6/5/16 they said my shipping address was wrong. I think I know my own damn address.
Dan de Grandpre (DealNews)
@greyghost302 Also, most stores don't give us their inventory info in a live feed. So we rely on readers like you and our staff research to identify expired deals. If you ever get a chance to tell a retailer to "give DealNews real-time data," please do!
dealnews-bglaser (DealNews)

We update and/or expire deals as quickly as we can, and appreciate any feedback. Sorry for any inconvenience!
Is there any way to pull a listing (for any vendor) once stock had run out or is VERY low. It is annoying to go through all the clicks and find out the item is out of stock or the only shoes left are size 4 Men's in puce.
dealnews-bglaser (DealNews)

We're so sorry about all this back-and-forth, but we think we've got the problem solved now. So if you could send the email one more time to, it shouldn't be kicked back any more. And on the off chance it's still not working, we've opened a new channel at Thanks!
And FYI, I am DONE with Gearbust, I am only telling you folks because I am such a dedicated dealnews fan, and because I want others to know their deceptive business practices. I have chatted and emailed them back and forth on several occasions in the past 6 months with only further denial. The only response I get is, "please try another form of payment" What a load.
tried again lindsay, was kicked back twice. Look forward to your response.n
Never had any problem with gearbest what I don't exactly understand is when they ship from out of the USA, it goes through a couple of warehouses in the USA before hitting the us mail. Odd but for the price of items it's not too bad.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@n_moritz Hey there, we identified the issue... we're fixing now! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'll update you when it's fixed.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@n_moritz Hmm... I just tested the email and it went through; it looks like GearBest will send you a confirmation of the complaint, and it should also go directly to a rep there too. Maybe you've added an extra space or punctuation? I'll check our account to see if your email went through...
BGlaser, email to the email you listed was returned twice, recipient address rejected.

Did i get it right? ""
BGlaser, I sent an email as you mentioned as well, TY for everything DEALNEWS ROCKS!
So now my order didn't go though, but initial email states it did. When I go back to Gearbest it says submit payment again, so i tried one LAST time, and surprise my cc didn't work again. I read through the Q and A help section on their site and it's says "contact your bank if problems" what a load of BS. My card works, just used it for lunch 10 min ago. I can get all the same stuff on Aliexpress and they will take my card without deception.
Exactly - I think all that is needed is a disclaimer that items take a long time to arrive and to ensure you purchase via a CC that has its own warranty / purchase protection. Not "at your own risk" but just some precautions.
dealnews-bglaser (DealNews)

Sounds like a pain! Be sure to let us know what happens when you get your order. And don't forget, if you'd like, send your issue to, and both GearBest and DealNews will stay on top of it.
And now I just got an email from them saying my order went through, WTF? did it or not?
I have tried placing orders 3 times with these guys, each time after entering my cc info, payment is denied everytime, when nothing is wrong with the card. It then asks for alternative payment. I want to use my cc to protect my purchase. I think this practice of implying you accept cards, then denying them deliberately is shady as can be. No thank you. BTW, i just tried to do it again right now, same result. Now I just gave you my cc info and who knows what the hell they are gonna do with it. Deceptive to say the least.
I havent had any issues with them....except it took 20 days to get my items. But with a killer price I didnt mind that at all.....I will purchase from them again