Girl Tech: Think in Technicolor

Silver or black, black or silver, black and silver -- oftentimes these seem to be the only color options when it comes to tech gadgets. We've decided to take matters into our own hands, and round up our favorite tech products that tend to look a little out of the ordinary. From shocking pink and metallic blue to a splash of pastel hues a la Rainbow Brite, we've found items that not only look pretty but also demonstrate cool features and functions.

Let the Music Play -- Headphones, etc:

If you're not that into the earbud craze, and prefer to kick it old school with your headphones, check out these Grande Headphones by Boosted ($70, Urban Outfitters) that come in two multi-shade options. Jay McCarroll made the oversized headphones cool again with his winning Project Runway Collection, and we feel like a glamorous Deejay with these wrapped around our head. Plus they're perfect on a bad hair day!

If you can't live without your earbuds, go for a pair that not only sound fantastic, but come in some great color options (and can match your ipod!). Our number one pick is the Radius Atomic Bass Aluminum Earphones that come in a plethora of fashion-forward colors ($34.99, The extremely comfy earphones have a white cord, similar to Apple ones, but the color choices that deck out the earpieces and plug make them a standout (we have them in green). We were amazed at the bass output --if you love hip hop, techno, or any other bass-heavy musical genre, these are a stylish must. Transport your iPod in style with the Portable Sound Labs iMainGo Portable iPod Speaker & Case in Pink ($29.99, J&R) or blue ($31.48, When you're suffering from earbud fatigue or want to have an on-the-spot dance party, this little device will come in handy. Battery operated, it can last for up to 30 hours and protects your iPod from any spills, drops, or accidental kicks during that impromptu dance party.

Get the Color Connection -- Laptops:

We all remember when the Mac desktops and laptops came out and set the precedent for cool colored tech-items. Now a new generation of computers and brands have realized that if they don't do color, they're definitely missing out! We fell in love with the Dell Studio 15 Laptop (starts at $874,, which comes in over 8 color and trim combinations, our favorites being the plum purple and spring green. If you've already made your laptop investment but are bored with the way your equipment looks, simply slap on a skin! We found tons of colors, prints, designs, and pictures, at, with most priced at $16.99 -- way cheaper than getting a new laptop! For the fashion forward, our top two picks are the Aloha Computer Laptop Skins ($16.99) and the Trendy Computer Laptop Skins (also $16.99), which strongly resembles the Murakami design for Louis Vuitton.

Picture Perfect -- Cameras & Recorders:

Strike a pose and snap that picture from a camera that looks far from ordinary, like this vintage-y Lomography Fisheye Camera in Royal or Pink ($38, Urban Outfitters). This plastic camera truly is an old-school specimen – you have to actually use film with it, but we love it nonetheless (you can always scan in the pictures and put them on facebook, don't worry!). When a video recording is necessary, film those important moments with a camcorder in an unforgettable hue. We like this DXG 5.0MP Compact Digital Camcorder in Blue (506V) ($129.99, Target) or pink (also $129.99, Target). The tiny camcorder will come in handy at celebrations when you also bring along your camera and have only a small clutch handbag for everything. We also found the ultra-chic Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 30-60 Minutes (starts at $116,, it is pocket-size, and video can easily be uploaded to YouTube. Plus, you can take still photos from the video. Besides the traditional black shade, it also comes in white, pink, or orange.

Now that you know what's out there, a colorful world of chic tech gadgetry awaits you!

-- Julia DiNardo

Note: there may be a way to make the items mentioned above an even better bang for your buck -- remember to search stylenotes for special promotions and coupon codes that may be applied to your order.

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