10 Funniest Twitter Accounts for Shopping Nerds

We rounded up some of our favorite shopping-related Twitter jokesters, from outrageous CEOs to dead-on retailer parodies.
Nihilist Arby's

One of the greatest things about Twitter is that, if you can make someone laugh in 140 characters, you can build a following. Brands like Charmin and Taco Bell have used humor as a powerful marketing tool on the social network, but some lesser-known accounts are bringing the LOLs as well.

We rounded up some of our favorite shopping-related Twitter jokesters, and hope you find them as amusing as we do.

Amazon Movie Reviews @AmznMovieRevws

This account rounds up the funniest — often unintentionally so — reviews of movies on Amazon. Spoiler alert before you click over: There are no actual wolves in The Wolf of Wall Street.

John Legere @JohnLegere

The cell phone carrier wars are the gift that keeps on giving. Not only is the stiff competition finally making plans more affordable, but we get to follow along as T-Mobile's sassy CEO talks smack about rival companies.

Faces in Things @FacesPics

I bet you've never realized how many products look like they have faces in them. Spend a few minutes going through these tweets and we guarantee you'll see eyes, noses, and mouths everywhere on your next Home Depot trip.

Nihilist Arby's @nihilist_arbys

Life is meaningless. Eat Arby's. There's more where that came from, and it's hilarious. Not really safe for work, so proceed with caution. We do need to give a shoutout to the real Arby's Twitter account, too, for this classic:

Bored Elon Musk @BoredElonMusk

Ever wondered what the Tesla CEO does in his spare time? According to this Twitter account, it's brainstorm new product ideas. Some of them are actually great!

Brands Saying Bae @BrandsSayingBae

When brands try to be hip and fail miserably, this Twitter account is there to document it. Presidential candidates feature prominently as well.

Neil Hamburger @neilhamburger

Comedian Neil Hamburger isn't for everybody. He's offensive, but we included him on this list because he loves to troll brands on Twitter. His current targets include Hollister and Taco Bell (and by extension of the latter, Axl Rose).

CVS Receipt @CVS_Receipt

Ever noticed how long CVS receipts are? So did the person who runs this Twitter account.

Arena Flowers @ArenaFlowers

This UK company delivers flowers, but you'd never know it from the insanity that is their Twitter account. You'll also find tweets about penguins, infidelity, and soccer. Not much about flowers, though.

The Retail Job Life @RetailJobLife

This account features observations from the other side of the register. If you've ever worked retail, you'll find a lot to relate to.

What shopping-related Twitter accounts make you laugh, readers? Let us know in the comments below!

Jessica Hulett
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