Friday Funnies: May We Interest You in Some Laughs?

By Jeff Somogyi, dealnews Media Editor

You may have noticed that we take deals very seriously, reporting just the facts so that you can make more informed purchases. Well, every now and again we just can't stop ourselves from injecting a little bit of humor and/or personality into a deal in the hopes of making you laugh. In fact, we posted several throughout the past week; did you see them all? If not, here they are, all in one place for your convenience. (It's so convenient, it's like laughing at fish in a barrel.) But be warned! Though the write-ups are still as funny as the day we wrote them, some of the deals may have expired. The funnies:

Body Champ Inversion Therapy Table
This device lets you hang upside down by your ankles and purports to relieve tension and pressure on your spine. We used to get inversion therapy in high school, although our "therapist" was a bully named Spike and our head would be dipped in the toilet at the same time. Ah, memories ...

Evil Dead for iPhone / iPod touch / iPad
It's the best deal we've seen for this Ultimate Experience In Grueling Terror.
Of ironic note, the control scheme is such that Ash himself could not play this game. That's right ... who's laughing now ... who's laughing now?

Marshmallow Fun Company Marshmallow Shooter
Of note, it's not a waste of food if you shoot someone in the mouth.

Kebo Futon Sofa Bed
Derived from the Japanese word for "spine-breaking", a futon isn't the most comfortable thing to sleep on — but that's OK because only your free-loading, "Dude, can I, like, crash on your couch ... again?" friends will be using it.

The Funnies Take Facebook

This week, we asked our Facebook fans to generate their own funnies for the Titan Exhaust Air Jack 1-Ton Vehicle Lift. Here's a few of the comments that made us laugh:

Roo Smith: Turn your car into a Zero Emissions Vehicle for only Sixty Bucks!
Gregory Louis Upton: The first exercise ball for your car. Watch the MPG just roll off! Just in time for the beach season!
Dan Leadbetter: Little Jimmy got the last laugh when his mom parked the SUV on his not-yet-inflated bounce house.
Leonard Frederick: In the event of a water landing, jack may also be used as a personal flotation device...

Want to join in the fun? Become a Liker of Facebook page and keep your eyes peeled for our next challenge!

Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. It was his pleasure to write and compile this article. For more of his humor, follow him on Twitter or read his blog.

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