15 Easter Candies You Can Buy on Sale NOW, Ranked

Ditch the Peeps and Jordan almonds; it's finally time to stock up on Cadbury Eggs!
Easter candy

Easter candy only appears once a year. So now that it's the Monday after the holiday, it's time to hit up the candy sales — whether you celebrated or not. But not all sugary bunnies and eggs are created equal! We took a hard (and admittedly biased) look at which items are worth a trip to the seasonal aisle, to help you decide which treats to buy and which to avoid.

Read on for our ranking of 15 popular Easter candies, from worst to best.

15. Brach's Pastel Candy Corn

Candy corn is the worst thing about Halloween, and corn has no place in a spring holiday. Enough said.

14. Jordan Almonds

No candy fails to deliver on its promise quite like Jordan almonds. These egg-shaped beauties line the floors of Easter baskets and adorn holiday-themed baked goods. They seem so perfect... until you bite into one, and taste only chalk and disappointment. There are much better nut/candy combos to spend your hard-earned money on.

13. Peeps

If you're under the age of 10, Peeps are pretty much the perfect food. Marshmallow and sugar molded into adorable bunnies and chicks? Awesome! And we all eat a Peep or two around Easter — it's unavoidable. But do you really want to commit to an entire package of those sugar bombs as an adult? Of course not. They literally turn to stone five minutes after you open them, meaning you have to eat the whole package at once. Sorry, but you're too old for that.

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Also, don't encourage Peeps. They're taking over every holiday with their sticky-sweet cuteness, and we can't let that happen. Unless you're entering a Peeps diorama contest, give this candy a hard pass.

12. Hollow Chocolate Bunnies

There's only one reason to create a hollow chocolate bunny, and that is to shatter a young child's expectations of better chocolate. Plus, hollow bunnies are messy. Every time you bite into one, everything around the bite crumbles. If you're lucky, that chocolate will fall into the bunny, so you can eat it when you get to the bottom. (But you probably aren't that lucky.)

11. Solid Chocolate Bunnies

Only slightly better than hollow chocolate bunnies are the solid ones. There's no way to eat a solid chocolate bunny all at once, so you're stuck biting off pieces — risking teeth in the process — and then reattaching the foil. Every time you do that, it rips a little bit, leaving you with a patchwork of chocolate and crinkled foil that will eventually succumb to the elements. Not that it will matter, because you'll be sick of chocolate by the time that happens. Buy a pack of small bunnies instead.

10. M&M's Pastel Chocolate Candies

We all know that pastel M&M's are exactly the same as regular M&M's. But M&M's are already pretty great, so the brand gets a pass for not working very hard on the Easter line. Stock up and snack on these guys all spring long.

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9. Hershey's Milk Chocolate Eggs

You aren't going to be surprised when you bite into a Hershey's Milk Chocolate Egg. You know exactly what it'll taste like — no bells or whistles aside from the shape and the packaging. But these candies are the perfect size for snacking, and you aren't likely to get sick of them over time — just don't down the whole bag in one sitting.

8. Butterfinger NestEggs

If you bite into one of these candy eggs expecting a crunch, you may be disappointed. Filled with tiny pieces of Butterfinger, the flavor is heavy on the chocolate. Still, they get high marks for taste. They're not as easy to find as some of the other Easter candies, but if you do see them, scoop them up!

7. Whoppers Robin Eggs

Whoppers are a pretty divisive candy. Malted milk balls aren't for everyone; some people hate the taste, and others are weirded out by the fact that they're called "malted milk balls." But if you like Whoppers, you'll love Whoppers Robin Eggs. And since we put them at No. 7, we're obviously fans.

6. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

When you need an Easter basket filler, you can't go wrong with jelly beans. They come in pretty colors and a multitude of flavors, and kids love 'em. Plus, they're great to have around the house to pop in your mouth when you're craving something sweet, making them a terrific choice for day-after-Easter sales. As far as jelly bean brands go, Jelly Belly is popular for a reason — it's widely available, pleasing to the palate, and affordable.

5. Lindt Chocolate Carrots

Lindt Chocolate Carrots are a bit on the pricey side, which makes them an ideal candidate for post-Easter sales. They're also fancy and shaped like vegetables, so they're more of a treat for adults than kids. Featuring higher-quality chocolate than your usual mass-produced Easter fare, and bursting with delicious hazelnut, these are like carrot-shaped Nutella bombs.

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4. Cadbury Crème Eggs

Definitely buy a Cadbury Crème Egg or two when you're doing your day-after-Easter shopping. But only one or two. True story: Last day-after-Easter, I stood behind a man in line at Walgreens who was purchasing nine Cadbury Crème Eggs and a box of Pepto-Bismol. Think about that guy when you're deciding how many to buy.

3. Russell Stover Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs

As far as marshmallow Easter treats go, these are the clear winner. Chocolate and marshmallow are a great, no-frills pair. If you could somehow get a graham cracker in there, this would be the perfect candy. But hey, you can't have everything.

2. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs

Some candies simply get repackaged in pastel wrappers for Easter — I'm looking at you, Hershey's Kisses — but others go the extra mile. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs are basically Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in egg form, but somehow the shape elevates the taste of the candy. Everyone knows that the best part of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is the middle. And with this version, you get more of it.

1. Cadbury Mini Eggs

Fact: Cadbury Mini Eggs are far superior to their full-sized counterparts. Cadbury Crème Eggs are a lot to take — so rich, so sweet, and so much potential for a stomachache. Mini Eggs, on the other hand, offer the same great taste in a more manageable package. The only drawback is it's hard to stop eating them once you start. Stock up on these gems early post-Easter, as people tend to hoard them.

Our Readers React

When we first published this article last week, it became (as we had hoped) a catalyst for spirited debate! "Good's Candies Kennard, Indiana is the ONLY candy I want on my death bed," said user boilers. Users oiuytre and aaronjherring lamented the absence of Elmer's Gold Brick and Heavenly Hash eggs on our list.

But some of the strongest dissent came from within DealNews' own ranks. "I love my job at DN, but this article makes me so, so mad," wrote Features Editor Marcy Bonebright. "Pastel M&Ms are demonstrably better than regular M&Ms."

Director of Content Marketing Lindsay Sakraida said she hates candy corn so much, she wishes "it wasn't ranked at all," which was met with disbelief by DealNews' ardent pro-candy corn faction.

Readers, do you agree with our list? How would you have ranked these Easter candies? Let us know in the comments below!

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Best (absolutely the best!) Easter candy is a See's coconut-filled, dark chocolate enrobed egg. BIG enough to satisfy (and/or give such a sugar rush satisfaction is secondary), and See's filling & chocolate cannot be beat (at least not since my grandmother stopped making her candy). Worth every penny...
As a choco-holic, I love me some solid chocolate bunnies! But brand is important! "Peeps are only for burning" according to my son. I'm totally with you on candy corn, but, alas, alone in my household on the hatred of waxy, tasteless abomination...
The middle is *not* the best part of a peanut butter cup and the trend of making the chocolate ever thinner has almost ruined the candy.