Did Your Local Sears Or Kmart Just Close?

The retail giant continues to struggle following disappointing sales. Find out if your area was affected.
Sears Closing Stores

Nearly 80 Sears and Kmart stores across the country were closed in late July. Subsidiary Kmart lost 66 locations and 10 Sears stores closed their doors (with two Super Ks set to close in September), in another entry in Sears' catalog of woes.

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I'm Not OKmart (I Promise)

Sears' struggles of late have been no great secret. Falling sales have led to huge losses, have led to selling off assets, and so on and so forth; this summer's rumors had them looking into selling their Craftsman and Kenmore brands. If the company were a 1980s new wave pop group, they would be called Tears for Sears, and their greatest hits collection would be titled "Sears Close Down."

For a full list of the affected stores, check out Business Insider's exhaustive collection. Pennsylvania and Ohio are the worst-impacted states, with eight and seven stores shuttered respectively.

Has your local store been hit by this rash of closures? More importantly, does it affect you? How often do you shop in a Sears or Kmart? Have your say below!

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Kmart went through bankruptcy back in 2002, because they were mismanaged. Then they shed all their common stock holders yet still had the assets (land under the stores) to buy Sears and now run it into the ground. They are a perfect example of swindling the non-rich out of their money and exploiting them to concentrate more wealth in the hands of the already wealthy. Shedding the common stock holders while the company is still flush was unconscionable. Now they'll do the same thing. I hope the stock holdrrs got out.
sears and shopko suck...
Kmart & Sears have met its doom
Their doom is obvious. We have only one Sears and one Kmart left in the entire area. Stepping into either, the feeling I get is that the stores are just run down, lack an updated appearance and the feeling of late 70's to mid 80's decor. I even think the registers used at Kmart are from the 80's. You can just see the writing on the wall. I stopped going to either years ago when they just couldn't compete with Walmart or Target and now Amazon. The parent holding company of the remaining stores is just trying to extract as much income from them before they are shuttered. The real value is in the real estate and profit they make from selling the stores assets to liquidation firms. It's another chapter in consumers shift in retail shopping. Just as Woolworth's and Zayre's in the past, couldn't keep up with consumers.
Last time I went to a Sears was when the Lakers went on their three-peat championship run and Sears was selling the championship T-shirts for $10.00.
There isn't a Kmart left in the city of Cincinnati. There are 3 within driving distance. One in northern Kentucky and the other way north of the city. I have been to the one in Kentucky. It looks like it hasn't been updated since the first Clinton administration.

The Sears stores in my local malls have more employees than customers except during the Christmas shopping season.

I don't buy Craftsman stuff anymore because its overpriced. I went to buy a Craftsman riding mower earlier this year only to find out their entry level model was a rebranded Troy Bilt Pony with Craftsman stickers. The Craftsman model was priced $100 more than the Troy Bilt.
Tony Balogna
Craftsman now hooked up with ACE Hardware, I imagine if Sears goes belly-up, Ace will keep the Craftsman line going as their tool supplier
Our Sears, (Scranton, Pa) closed a couple of weeks ago. My wife and I shopped there alot. We miss it.
Uh, it's not Walmart. They just closed 269 stores of their own. I go to Walmart couple times a month and each time it's pretty sparse for a "Supercenter."

Target and Amazon have had more effect on Sears than Walmart. Heck, even Walmart has been effected by them, which is why they just paid $3.3 Billion for Jet.com.
Walmart strikes again. The Monopoly is coming people. And prices will no longer be falling. Just the competition.
Haven't stepped inside Sears in over 20 years.
From February:
Sears CEO All Talk, No Action
Eddie Lampert, who controls Sears (and thus Kmart), only bought them to milk the cashflow and the value of the real estate. Spending money on store improvements is Not Gonna Happen. Anyone still working there -- especially in the stores -- had better start working on a Plan B.
Every time I pass the sears or Kmart I'm surprised they are still opening. Last time I went into either, i can feel the impending doom. Checking the list, I guess the feeling will continue.
Anthony S Jennings
"Lifetime" warranties typically mean the life of the product, or the life of the business selling the product. It never means the lifetime of the consumer.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@teddy23 I don't think warranties would change unless Sears went under across the board.
With all these Sears closings what will happen to Craftsman? Craftsman has a life time warranty on there hand tools. I'm wondering how will they honor that warranty now?
I'm GLAD to see Sears go away. Pricing always too high compared to competitors selling same item... I stopped buying from sears More than 5 years ago. I despise thes stores that try to sell onloine and everything is Pick Up. If I wanted to go to the store to make a purchase, I would not go online to purcghase. I KNEW Sears would FAIL... HOW DID THEY NOT SEE IT COMING??Look at JCD Penny who "Charges" you to pick up an online item... Goodbye Pemnny's in the not too distant future along with their Absurdly HIGH pricing
We have a Sears closing nearby. I never cared for Sears much or Kmart because it seems like they refused to adapt, change, or upkeep their stores (they always were old and had an odor). Plus they seemed to think they knew everything about what a customer wanted and never looked into trends or what a consumer wanted. And they overly invested in "once great" products that fell off and they acted as if nothing changed. Kmart needed to follow the Walmart model and didn't.
Seldom shopped at our Kmart but will still miss it 3-4 times a year
Now i have to drive 25 miles to the nearest Sears and there is no Kmart within 100 miles