DealTip: What Is "Hotness"?

Simply put, "hotness" is a real-time thermometer for how popular a deal is with our readers (that's you), and it can change over time as interest in an item heats up or cools off.

On deals, hotness is represented by a series of five dots (top left); the more dots it has, the more popular a deal it is. But hotness can also be depicted as a "hot-or-not" flag (top right) which signifies that a deal is one of the hottest deals of the day.

Contrary to how other sites might work, our hotness ratings have nothing to do with how our editors feel about a deal (we have an Editors' Choice section for that), nor does it indicate how much money we make from a deal. Nope, hotness is nothing more than one big popularity contest — and you're the ones voting, with your clicks. It's democracy in action!

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1 comment
Thanks for clarifying that and stating your policy publicly.

Now if you could just explain some of your CowBoom "deals" that would be great.
For example, an $80 XBOX missing a power supply ($30) and a controller ($50) really isn't that much of a deal.
Especially if there is no warranty information - is it really that hard to look for that and determine it in the listing? Not like you've only listed their "deals" once - can't you assign an editor to go look into it further?
Or are those the ones you get paid most to post?
I'd really like to know.