DealTip: Change the Size of Our Images

DealTip Image Size

By default, we set the images on our deals to an extra large size, so you can see the items better. But did you know that you can opt to make them smaller instead, if you prefer squinting (or fitting more deals on a single screen)? Just click on the pull-down box labeled "view" at the top of the Today's Deals feed, then choose from medium, large, or x-large, and our images will adjust accordingly.

Why no "small" option? Because we tried it once, and the only sales we made were for magnifying glasses. (That's just a little joke.)

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the size is perfect for me, and by the way I think you page is the best for the category and beats all sale pages on the web, and loads faster(65-75%faster), scroll smoother
people who opt for the smaller size likely have data limited or slow connections and don't want the bulky images to load. Did you know if one hasn't bookmarked or remembered the verbose "medium" url, then the selection dialog box is rather useless as it only appears AFTER much of the bulky data transfer has occurred. It's not the first rendered object to appear so that the objectionable action can be avoided.
I happen to like the large but it doesn't always stay there often reverting to the x-large. How can I keep this from happening so it will always open in the same place?
X-large in app. Please!!!
I love the x-large, very easy to see.
I'd like to have an option to customize the view order of the categories, so I'd put computers & electronics at the top and clothing and shoes at the bottom. That way I don't have to scroll past all that to get to the things I'm interested in.
My computer goes up to size 11.
Kinda funny. Can't you just relabel the buttons small medium and large even if behind the scenes you only offer medium, LG and XLG. Simple scripting.
Many versions ago the iOS app had larger pictures. I prefer that for some items where the tiny pics are to small forcing you open the deal to get a reasonable view. I assumed DealNews wants us to open deals as we may be more likely to make a purchase and get them a commission.
ProfessorTK: It's not the font. Just size of images.
I thought I thought a putty cat.
Medium should be the default and then readers can go up or down as needed. Even Grandpa doesn't need the X-large font.
Not in the app thought