Cold Weather Accessories to Keep You Warm & Stylish

As the weather turns from bearable to "yeah right, you couldn't pay us to leave the house", some new cold-weather pick-me-ups may be in order. Although we would love to just nestle indoors and drink hot cocoa and warm soup, there are those occasions that simply can't be avoided – we must face the weather (for instance, like going to work 5 days a week). We've devised a list of some of our favorite cold weather items that are sure to keep you warm and just as important, looking chic.

Our recommendations:

Arm Warmers

If you think they may be a little too edgy or punk rock for your look, perhaps you just haven't found the perfect pair yet. A nice alternative to gloves, and a convenient way to stay warm when wearing something with short sleeves in the winter, arm warmers can run the gamut from sporty and playful to sexy and sophisticated. Our favorites? The Portolano Cashmere Stripe Arm Warmer, $51.90 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Leg Warmers

The skinny jean phenomenon has given rise to the leg warmer comeback, and although thoughts of Flash Dance may pop into your head, we'd hope that you would give them a new, cool, meaning. The bottom line: they do provide an extra layer of warmth, and when you are walking ten blocks in 10 degree weather like we often do in the winter in NYC, you wil take any extra layering you can get, that doesn't make you resemble Stay-Puff the Marshmellow Man. We like the Sparkle & Fade Pirouette Legwarmers because they aren't too bulky, can fit over or under boots, and come in a great selection of colors. Right now they're $16, or 2 for $20 at Urban Outfitters.


Sometimes you just need a break from all of the layers to you're your favorite dress or skirt, however goosebumps covering your legs is so unappealing. Keep your legs warm (and your unshaved legs out of the public eye) with a pair of thick opaque tights. We've spotted them all over the runway, and you can bring a pair home for a mere $2.99 at Old Navy (click on "socks and tights"). Available in black, beet red, brown, or koala bear.


If you forget or lose your hat on a cold, blustery day, it can seem as if all is lost. We prefer a hat that can easily be tossed into our handbag or coat pocket so that we always have it with us and can do away with the fear of it falling out. We think this Cashmere Hat in Gray, $19.99 at Target is the perfect head covering – lightweight yet warm, easily folded, and stylish (of course).


We like to go classic with the scarf – something plaid, striped, or solid are our favorite pics. And, then there's always a pashmina. We've used them in the winter and the summer, and there are always a million colors and price points to choose from, We found the Faux Pashmina Shawl, $8.80 at Forever 21 to compliment our need for something inexpensive in an interesting color palette.


An absolute must, we like to keep a pair in the pocket of every winter jacket we own. Since this is our strategy (and not mention we lose them, or spill coffee all over them often), we never want to pay a lot for them. That's why stocking up on a few pairs of these Performance Fleece Gloves for $3.75 at Old Navy is a good idea since they won't break the bank, nor will we mind that much if warm, caffeinated substances get spilled on them.


Ever had the feeling that your toes had become icicles, and despite wearing socks and warm boots, you still very distinctly felt the harsh cold of winter, as if you were wearing flip flops outside in the snow? Our favorite defense from the cold for our tootsies is wool socks, which we never can get enough of in the winter. Thick or thin, we've worn them with boots, sneakers, and yes, even dress shoes. One of our favorite types of wool socks are these women's wool socks, that come in a 2-pack for $24.50, from Lands' End. They definitely infuse some colorful fun into the bundling up process!


We hate to admit, oh man do we hate to admit it, but Uggs, and all things Ugg-like, are rather warm, especially worn with a pair of wool socks. Plus, we like that they don't get too much in the way – we can either pull our pant leg over them, or tuck our pants into them. Our only peeve is that if it is really slushy out, or raining, it makes them thoroughly soaked, and feel about 10 pounds heavier. Despite this problem, we have yet to find a warmer boot, or one cheaper: the Bearpaw Sheepskin 10-inch Boot with Lug Sole is only $54.99 at, in several colors.

-Julia DiNardo

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