Before Buying the New iPad, Consider the Return on Your Investment

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Today is March 7, which means Apple will finally lay all of our iPad speculating to rest as it announces the next generation of its exceedingly popular tablet. But even though we're still a few hours away from the official details, there are a plethora of tech savvy consumers already prepared to buy. In a poll that dealnews conducted last week, a full 22% of our readers said that they were planning on preordering the new device. Which means, a lot of you are probably sitting at your desk, clutching a credit card. But before you buy, there are a few things to keep in mind should you ever want to sell your new device.

"But how could I possibly think about selling my new iPad 3 / iPad HD already!?" you may angrily shout at the screen. Considering Apple's well-documented track record of producing electronics that hold their value better than their competitors, you'd be doing your wallet a disservice if you didn't at least take a few precautions for the possibility of a trade in. That's because the choices you make as you go to buy your new tablet, can affect the eventual return on your investment when you go to sell. Drew Lieberman, CEO of the new and used commerce site Glyde, offers dealnews readers a few tips to get the best trade-in value down the line.

1. Don't Get it Engraved
You may want to mark your territory, tell a loved one you care, or celebrate a major life accomplishment with a personalized gift, but think again. According to Lieberman, "Engraved iPads sell for approximately 30% less." Consider instead springing for a personalized case or carrier instead. Which leads us to our next tip...

2. Put a Case on It
This may seem obvious for anyone familiar with portable electronics, but the number of people who carry around their iPad without some form of back enclosure is startling. It's not all about the screen, as Lieberman says that excessive scratching or dents to the back panel can reduce the trade-in value by approximately 20%. While we haven't yet seen iPad 3 / HD cases, you can keep an eye on our iPad accessories page for deals as they begin to hit the market.

3. Don't Over Think the Color Selection
Whether you select black or white, it'll have little to no effect on the iPad's value at the end of its life cycle. So go for the color that best represents you! Or, you know, the one you just like the best.

4. Consider the Value of Better Storage Capacity
Not surprisingly, the more storage the iPad has, the more money you'll get for it as a trade in. This is what you would logically expect. But how much more will 32GB get you over 16GB, for example? According to Lieberman, approximately 10% to 20% more. A step up to 64GB will likewise get you 10% to 20% more return over the 32GB.

Even if you can't imagine parting with your brand spanking new Apple iDevice, it's worth taking the above into consideration now ... just in case.

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