At $299+, Would You Buy the New iPod touch Over a Tablet?

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Yesterday Apple announced an update to its iPod touch line of devices, and they look delicious. The newest models are thinner (6.1mm), lighter (88 grams), and have a bigger screen (4") than last year's models. Apple has also crammed a dual-core A5 CPU in there, along with a 5-megapixel camera, iMovie, Siri, and a weird loop on the back that you can attach a wrist strap to. It also has a battery that will last through 8 hours of video watching (that's more than three viewings of The Avengers!) or 40 hours of music listening (that's more than 37 listen-throughs of The Avengers's soundtrack).

And you can get all that with 32GB of storage for $299 or 64GB for $399. At these prices though, we have to wonder: who would buy the iPod touch over a full tablet? Yes, it's like comparing Apples to oranges [sigh], but when a full-fledged tablet like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD costs $199, will consumers pay more for a smaller screen, albeit with arguably better internal specs, including storage? Where do you stand on this, Internet? Discuss! Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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I'd rather get a full blown tablet like the Kindle Fire HD....just more least for me.
I have a 4th gen touch and I love that thing! I would seriously think about it if I was not already going to get the phone instead. People walking around with tablets taking pictures, look stupid!
64 gig ipod touch is for music lovers with large libraries!   I use my 64 gig iPad for other purposes, movies, apps, and a few tunes
Dan de Grandpre (DealNews)
Heck with the iPod touch, I'm buying the mini iPad. When's that out again?
I do not like Apple Company for their greediness and covetousness,
however must admit this is great unit. But not price! Way too much!
For all you people who say that you like to have something smaller to use that fits in your pocket when you commute or what not, don't you own a smartphone?  What's the point of adding another device?  So you carry around your phone and an iPod?  No real reason to need 2 devices in this day and age.  I see the sense with having a smartphone and tablet though.  The smartphone fills the niche you just mentioned.
it sounds for like the death of iPod series,  less innovation with the previous models, less competitive with samsung mp3 player, and the price really surprising... I think Apple didn't get the point yet...
I like a smaller device for my music and podcast. Something that I can secure in my pocket while I workout or work in the yard. The question for me is will I upgrade from my current mp3 player (Zune HD) to the new IPod. Answer is probably not, I'd rather have the Ipod but it isn't worth the money to me.
Agree with @gopre5k . I prefer something small to carry around than a big screen. Whenever I need bigger screen to work on, tablets are usually too small compare to my 24" monitor.
if you want a device that fits in your pocket then get the smaller device. I have a touch and a tablet. i commute 1 hour a day a never use the tablet as its too clunky for me on the train or walking on the street. 
Unfortunately, consumers will pay more for a less capable device (the iPod touch) because they go crazy for anything with an apple logo on it.  I think that this will pass though.  Apple has stopped innovating.  As with the iPhone, they are just catching up to all of the features Android offers already on most phones.  Now, instead of pushing the envelope, each new release is simply a bump in specifications with no new innovative features.  Smart consumers have already caught on to this and I think that everyone else will too.  Why would you pay so much for a tiny screen device?  The Kindle Fire HD is much more functional for the price.