9 Things That Are Cheaper When You're Ant-Man

Fighting crime is OK, we guess. But think about all the money you'd save as a size-changing superhero like Ant-Man!

A dude who can, at will, shrink down to the size of an ant? Sure, that sounds like a fun way to pass the time, but we're not sure we'd be into the "fighting evil" part at such a small scale.

Ant-Man hits theaters this week, and we're sure there's some in-movie explanation about how he's stronger at his smaller size, so he won't get squished by the first pedestrian's misstep onto his face. But we'd still be terrified that it'd happen. Irrational Fears-Man!

However, since our real secret identity is as The Deal Finder ("Defending humanity against over-paying, one deal at a time!"), we're more interested in exploring the money saving aspects of Ant-Man's ability to get teeny-tiny, to use the scientific term.

So, in an effort to get even more excited for the movie, here's our list of the nine best money-saving reasons to be an Ant-Man!

Up-side: Being Ant-Man can be a fun and money-saving experience. Downside: Super villains want to kill you. Like, every day. But don't all our lives have their ups and downs?

True believers, tell us: If you could shrink to ant-y sizes, what are the ways you'd use your power to save money? Share your thoughts below!

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I swear I initially read this as Anti-Man. You can imagine the savings/deals I was thinking of.